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Alternative controller - home-made-foot-pedals


Everyone is looking for the best controlling device for D2. Every commercial product has some major disadvantages. Here is the best solution that I ever heard of (and played with):

Build it! All you need is one of the old keyboards with real switches in it (microswitches). These keyboards are easy to manipulate. All you have to do is open them, add some extra wires and connect them with external switches.

Possible external switches:

  • light switches (that type that closes the curcuit while you push it) - fix them on the floor and you will get some digital foot pedals.

  • old digital joysticks - these old amiga joysticks just close the power circuit - you can get a digital throttle out of them

  • take any switch you want and add it to the others - and build your custom made Descent cockpit - got the idea?

The advantages are:

  • it is really digital and fast. Analog throttles are always slower than digital ones - full forwards or full backwards, not a half speed that no one needs.

  • adding feet you will be faster to slide to the right side because it is very intuitiv - ever moved your whole body in front of the monitor to dodge a shot? Use this to move your ship!

  • adding feet takes some tasks from the hands - there is enough to do for 12 fingers in D2

  • B. Gates won't make money out of that.

The most advanced solution I have seen (or heard of) up to know had foot pedals, a throttle and about 10 switches on and around the (amiga) joystick throttle for afterburner, weapon cycling, bomb dropping and a permanent energy-to-shield-converter. The guy who has built it (not me) is a little low on money but has the best Descent controlling device I know - and spent 60 DM (30$) on it.

Lueder Hoppe

taken from alt.games.descent

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