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Cheaters and Hackers - 08/28/97


Mental wrote:
> Recently Jason Bender has attacked the Descent gaming world by openly providing hacked Descent program files. I believe Jason will eventually defeat his own purpose (i.e. to bolster his popularity and ego).
> The wide open offering of these hacked files will take away the *specialness* of cheating, and will expose the whole issue to some actual thought by those using these cheats, namely that THEY TAKE OUT THE FUN OF THE GAME!
> It may take a while for many to realize this, and Internet gaming will definitely suffer in the meantime, but I say just wait this out, because these kind of persons usually end up shooting themselves (sometimes literally!).
> It's like the people who always have to tell everyone the end of a great movie, eventually nobody listens to them anymore because it's obvious they are so self-centered they can only think of getting attention, no matter what it takes.
> He has already ruined his name, something you can not easily fix. Don't ruin yours by being stooping to his childish mentality.
> True gamers will prevail, through the spirit of honest competition and gamesmanship.
> Let the war begin.
> Mental

Here here! Well said!

These cheats and hacks have been around for a long time. Plus it's so easy to do. Anyone can do it. I run into cheaters on Kali all the time but I also have a lot of good games with skilled players also. Playing games on the net is just a hit and miss proposition.

Clancy's rule of life #27: Get 10 people in one place and one of them is guaranteed to be an asshole.

Checking Kali server stats I see:

]:In the past 24 hours there were 222 new users and 16743 total users on Kali.
]:There are currently 1036 users online and over 125366 total active Kali accounts.
]:This is out of a total of 167673 copies of Kali sold.

Applying my rule above that means there are about 1600 assholes on kali at any one time.

So we will just have to deal with it.

We will just wait out this new batch of cheaters just like the rest. After all they must get bored.


John M. Clancy

taken from alt.games.descent

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