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Descent 3 in secret production? - 08/28/97


Derek (destey@sover.net) wrote:
> Is D3 in secret production? Why aren't they saying anything about it? Why are they keeping it a total secret?

I don't think we're keeping it a total secret, but it's true we're not big on hype.  We may not talk about the game as much as those folks in Texas, but if you look at what they were saying two and three years ago, you'll discover that all that advance hype didn't actually describe what the game would be like.

Remember how much hype there was about the first Descent?  No one had ever heard of the game before it showed up for download.   I'd rather just get the game done, and let the customers decide for themselves if it's cool.

But to keep Descent fans happy, we will be posting some screen shots and other info when we have something cool to show.


Matt Toschlog
Parallax Software/Outrage Entertainment

taken from alt.games.descent

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