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Average age of Descent Players - 05/07/97


Well, the the data is in and here is the results, drum roll,please...

Avg age of a Descent player is 30.83 year of age.
The oldest person to send me there age was 66 year old.
The youngest person to send me there age was 8 year old.

Here is the data:
61 and over   1 "Bob" thanks for letting us know that you still have what is take to play
51 to 60      4
41 to 50      6
31 to 40     14
21 to 30     11
11 to 20     14
10 & under    1  "Cory's youngest" Thanks for playing the game, hope
to play with you and your family.

I would like to thank all of you for your input into this little adventure, and hope to see all of you in action on the descent playing field.

"Good luck Material Defender"


Jerel aka Gamepup

taken from alt.games.descent

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