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Descent 3 News (Parallax Comments)



The following was found in Kchat on >Descent< about a week ago; I don't really have any doubts that it's genuine do to the
fact that it was a .PCX file scanned from a magazine article. I transcribed this into a text file to post here so you all can see it, and maybe Parallax (Violition or Outrage: forget who's doing what) can see this and give the faithful a little more inside scoop on the progress of D3.

"Interplay's DESCENT III will be sporting a brand new engine when it comes out around Christmas '98. While it will still mainly be another inside action game, the geometry will be totally arbitrary so designers should be able to have pretty much any kind of room or shape they can make up, as opposed to the older Descent engine where everything was basically made up of deformed cubes. The game play will be very similar, but Parallax says it will look pretty different from the older games.

"'We're hoping for a much greater sense of place', says Matt Toschlog, one of the founders of Parallax, 'so that in research facilities or a factory level it will look a lot more like that sort of place. In the older games, the levels all looked pretty much the same.'

"'A big change will be that while the main focus is still indoor, there will be times when you can fly out of the mine and engage in combat on the surface. We basically have an indoor and outdoor engine with a seamless transfer between them.' he continues. 'We can do some cool things this way, like have parts of the world that you cant get to unless you fly through a mine and find a way through a locked door, then get to another part of the outside where you can get something you need to finish the level. It really enhances the variety of the levels quite a bit.'"

There you have it: we're a goin' outdoors!! plus, as expected, next generation hardware is going to start making this whole thing a lot more photo-realistic as opposed to the cartoon graphics we've gotten used to thus far. Cant wait. Parallax: you out there!!? How about some more teasers!? We know you cant wait to show off ;) Don't let ID outdo you in the hype department! C'mon Matt: we're your best customers. Give us the inside dirt first!

P.S.: If anyone knows just what magazine published this please let us know.

watSup a k a Joshua Vaughn

taken from alt.games.descent

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