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SpaceOrb - The alternative controller for D2


Ok, have you ever played with or seen someone play Descent I or II with a Spaceorb 360? I've attached pics so you can understand what I am saying. Also, if you play on Kali my nick is kLUB_mARCUS. You can see firsthand how I fly if you wish.

The ball is a gimbal attachment with optical sensors. Any push/pull movements result in translation relative to direction: forward/back, strafe left/right, strafe up/down. Any twist movement relative to direction results in rotational movement: aim left/right, aim up/down, roll. Since all your movements are mappable to the ball, it leaves you with 6 programmable buttons for firing, swtiching weapons, map, drop bombs, etc... If you push forward on the ball, the ship moves forward. If you twist left, the ship turns left. You can do that and any combo in-between. Your flying style will become disorienting to your opponent once you get used to the Spaceorb 360.

It connects to the computer via a serial port, comes with a CD full of game drivers, works in DOS and Win95 (the installer and other utils require Win95 though), 1 yr warranty, instant calibration switch on the back. There are regular driver suite updates adding to supported games and improving the underlying software and interface are available via our ftp site. A list of Spaceorb Current and Future compatible games can be found at.


You can customize the sensitivity on per game per axis. Yes, you can move faster in certain games using the Spaceorb. An ex. is Descent II, rotational speed is eisily 2x the norm (a substantial improvement over Descent I). The Spaceorb works well with other games as well, however Descent is still the flagship game because not only does it look 3d it actually utilizes full 3d movement.

The Spaceorb 360 has a learning curve for people who have been playing with standard controllers. You need to break old habits. However, people new to the game pick it up immediately and get good really quickly.

On a side note, the Mars Sojourner Rover is being controlled by a Spaceball model 2003. It's the Spaceorb's elder cousin. The same core technology that drives actual space vehicles controls virtual space vehicles. ;-)

Marcus, Spacetec IMC Corporation

taken from a mail to Kruemel of the Descent Network Team

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