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Why no Kali passwords are posted - 11/16/97


Ever wonder why no one posts working Kali cracks or Passwords? Here's why...

For those who constantly go on this newsgroup asking for a password or registration number, and for those who constantly go on to Kali servers asking everyone in the chat area for a registration number, and for those who search the internet looking for a working crack, read below:

1. When someone goes onto Kali it checks their registration number. If someone else is using the registration number, you get knocked off. So don't ask someone who has a legimate copy of Kali to *SHARE* their number. If they give it to you, they just screwed themselves out of a $20 fee that someone else is using.

2. If there is a code generator/crack, Kali will notice that it never assigned those numbers and will not allow you to use them.

So please, stop asking for the numbers. Even if you steal someones numbers, it will only be valid until the registered person e-mails Kali saying someone is using their number, and Kali disables that number and assigns a new one to the legit owner.


taken from alt.games.descent


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