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Parallax - how about some info? - 10/22/97


Derek wrote:
> Hey guys,
> How about some info on d3? Its been at least a couple months since
> anyone's given us anything. I'd like to know how or even if you are
> going to handle internet gaming. I would love to see a screenshot.
> Especially since quake2 test was released.
> PLEASE!!!!!!!

Well since we have this strange cloak and dagger thing going on here I can't say what exactly will be in the game - Interplay would have a fit. I could give you some lamer quote like "this game is going to be awesome!", or "We're going to push the genre in startingly new directions!" but every game developer on planet Earth is saying those things. The proof is in the pudding.

I can say that the multiplayer gaming code is going to be pretty different from D1/D2. I plan on supporting both IPX/TCPIP for Descent 3. In fact, that section of the game is scheduled to start the very next week.

We do have a few aces up our sleeve with this new engine. It allows to add alot of very cool gameplay elements that more than a few people are going to be surprised at. However I believe that if we start the hype machine this early then this could backfire on us pretty badly. Just look at the mess id is trying to contain with Quake 2!

Interplay is releasing a product tenatively titled "Descent: The Definitive Collection" which contains some screenshots from an early alpha of the new engine. I'm sure someone is going to scan those shots and post them here, so check them out and let us know what you think.  Be warned these are just engine shots - they don't show anything gameplay wise. I don't know about you but I'm pretty jaded when it comes to screenshots. Everything looks beautiful in screenshots, but usually when I get the game home I'm disappointed. The graphics engine is supposed to facilitate the game, not become a game unto itself.

Jason Leighton
Parallax Software / Outrage Entertainment

taken from alt.games.descent


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