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D3 going to be a RPG game? - 10/16/97


HolyGhost wrote:
>I share Xciter's pessimism - you Descent developers, having already
>done D1 and D2, would be bored to tears if all you were allowed to
>do is make D3 just a better D1/D2. Instead, what I expect to see
>is a WOW GOLLy gEE WhIZ doodz RPG flight sim with customizable bullet
>trajectories and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir vibrating my chair after
>every hit.

It's funny to hear you say that the developers have this attitude, when the newsgroup is full of posts about crazy features people want.

Don't worry, D3 will not be too complicated. There *will* be a story, but the game won't be an RPG -- Descent 3 is an action game.

Matt Toschlog
Outrage Entertainment / Parallax Software

taken from alt.games.descent


RPG=roll-playing game


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