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Descent: The Definitive Collection - Press Release  - 09/17/97


Irvine, California - Interplay Productions will release a comprehensive collection of its Descent franchise just in time for the Christmas spending spree, the company announced this week. The title, Descent(tm) I & II: The Definitive Collection, will include complete versions of every Descent sku developed since the franchise was launched March 13, 1995. Since it first appeared, Descent has been through 10 evolutions across all platforms, exceeding sales of 2 million units worldwide. The title will ship to North American retail outlets October 28, 1997 carrying an estimated retail price of $19.99.

"The Descent franchise has consistently sold very, very well and has become a huge franchise for us," remarked Kim Motika, vice president of sales for Interplay. "The price point for this particular title will be especially attractive against the competition's compilations. Descent I & II: The Definitive Collection is an excellent Christmas gift idea for Descent fans, new computer owners and gamers who are unfamiliar the Descent craze.

The Descent collection is the complete series of all things Descent and will be across three complete CDs. The title will be the first in which Descent I and II have been included. Additional elements of the collection include Descent II: Mission Editor, Descent: Vertigo Mission Pack, Descent II revved for the S3 Diamond Multimedia accelerator, and Descent Levels of the World. The collection will also include the previously unseen sneak peek at the upcoming Descent III and FreeSpace, a new title from the developers of the franchise, Parallax Software.

Interplay has scheduled print ads to run in gift guide sections of the broad-reach computer publications in November and December. Activity on the web sites include extremely targeted messages to the hardcore Descent groups.


Interplay Productions

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