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Two new Descent games  - 12/04/97


After a long period of quiet from Parallax Software, word comes down on not just one but two new games based on the Descent name.

The first of these new games is Descent: FreeSpace -- The Great War. FreeSpace is a space combat game, and features branching gameplay contingent upon mission outcomes, as well as 16-player multi-player capability. The creators promise fast action, a detailed universe, and an engaging storyline, and it sounds as if the game intends to go head-to-head with the Wing Commander and LucasArts space combat games.

FreeSpace is being developed by Volition, a studio headed up by Mike Kulas, lead programmer on Descent. It's scheduled for an April release. [...]

Meanwhile the other half of Parallax, the studio headed up by Matt Toschlog and now known as Outrage, is at work on Descent III. But gamers will have to be patient with this one -- it's not scheduled until Christmas of '98.

So why two different games?

Parallax Software, the developers of Descent and Descent II, have formally split their company into two separate studios -- Volition and Outrage -- who will still operate under the Parallax Software name. One office is located in Illinois, the other in Michigan, and both will operate independent of each other. A spokesperson for Interplay said the split was amicable, despite rumors of a falling out amongst the original Descent team.


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