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Apogee has rights on FreeSpace - 12/12/97


Descent: Freespace -- one of two new games from Parallax Studios -- will first be available from Apogee Software, Scott Miller tells us.

Miller, the president of Apogee, says that the original Descent was set to be released by Apogee, but that rising development costs led to an amicable parting of the ways. Under this separation agreement, Parallax was free to find another publisher (which turned out to be Interplay), with the understanding that Apogee would get help release the next game from Parallax.

So as a result, Descent: Freespace will be available exclusively for the first three months from Apogee. Gamers will be able to order the title from Apogee's web site or direct sales number. After that, it will appear in normal retail outlets, published by Interplay.

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