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Luke Schneider joins Outrage Entertainment - 12/19/97


Ann Arbor, MI – Outrage Entertainment, formally the Ann Arbor office of Parallax Software and developer of the smash hits Descent, Descent II, and Descent Maximum, today announced the hiring of level designer Luke Schneider for their upcoming title Descent 3.

A recent Information and Computer Science graduate of The University of California-Irvine, Luke joins the Descent 3 team with over two and a half years experience designing levels for Descent and Descent II. His latest effort, Entropy 2: Vengeance, has been very well received and is available as a free download from http://www.descent2.com/entropy2/index.html !

In addition to his skills as a level designer, Luke brings his considerable programming experience to the design team having created three separate Descent-related Windows utilities.

"We're all very excited about the possibilities and contributions that Luke will bring to Descent 3 and to future Outrage Entertainment projects," said Craig Derrick, Producer of Descent 3. "He has shown the dedication and talent it requires to make level design great and look forward to having him on Descent 3."

Descent 3, under development for Interplay Productions, is a continuation of the series started in 1995 and is scheduled for a Christmas 1998 release.

Craig Derrick
Outrage Entertainment

taken from www.pxsoftware.com


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