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Descent Network - 1997 Review


The year 1997 is now running out and we are looking back on a great year of a great and nearly complete site. Within one year the Descent Network homepage has grown from a "Descent Manager download"-only site to the site with the most informations and downloads in the world. Here we want to point the most important dates as a review of the last year:

01/15/97 FIRST EXTERNAL SESSION IN KAISERSLAUTERN At this date we first met Tom "Mozart" De Grave, Klaus "IceMan" Ludwig and Michael "Wolfmoon/Crusader" Hevemeyer on a 8-player-session organized by Mozart in Kaiserslautern and lasted three days (Friday to Sunday). The first time we met other Descent freaks and the first time we left Stuttgart for it. Without this little session there might never have been any other big sessions by us, including the one that followed only 2 months after this first meeting:

03/21/97 BIG DESCENT NETWORK SESSION IN STUTTGART This was the beginning of a big Descent session lasting three days where 27 people came from all over Germany, being the biggest Descent Session so far in Germany (and is still not yet beat. The longest distance was 650 km, the youngest Descent player was 12, the oldest 36. The session took place in Stuttgart and was fully organized by the Descent Network Team. View photos and a report at (btw this page will be revised soon): http://www.descent2.com/dnet/sessions/dses0397

04/09/97 DESCENT FONT Starting a cooperation with Harald "Wild_1" Koenigsperger we officially mirrored his cool baby: the famous Descent fonts!

04/19/97 DESCENT MANAGER 05B Descent Manager got a DEMo-Editor to cut Descent 2 demos, the first and yet only DEMo-Editor available.

05/21/97 DESCENT LEVEL NETWORK On this day our Descent Level Network project (called "Best Levels of the World" first) has been launched, where we wanted to bring qualitity instead of quantity to the Descent world and working together with the best level authors including Luke Schneider, Midgard and Sparhawk...

05/24/97 DESCENT MANAGER 06A In this Descent Manager the Mission Manager was fully revised, now having a full new intuitive and easier-to-use design.

05/31/97 KRUEMEL'S FAQ On this day Kruemel released her FAQ, called "Descent Network FAQ" earlier. It is yet steadily growing...

06/24/97 WARPCORE AWARD Our first award is also one of the most sought in the Descent world: Steve Clouse awarded our Descent Manager with the Warpcore award. Quotation: "It's definitely the most innovative program to hit the Descent world, and it's defintely worth checking out." The Warpcore can be reached at the URL http://www.warpcore.org

07/11/97 DESCENT DEVELOPER NETWORK It was time to release a new developer site for Descent file specs and more, after Kevin Bentley doesn't have the time to keep Descent Developer Resources uptodate anymore. We arranged a friendly cooperation with him to keep the developers having the newest specs and informations available for Descent 1 and 2. And it is yet growing... If you are developing a new Descent tool or just want to get used to the file formats to look what's possible with the engine etc. then you NEED to check out the site at: http://www.descent2.com/ddn

08/17/97 DESCENT NETWORK MPEG CLIP On this day Neelix joined the Descent Network Team together with his great knowledge about 3D rendering. He rendered several pictures for us (including the newer black DNet logo and Kruemel's FAQ logo), a cool video clip (downloadable from our welcome page) and has also made the new graphics of the Elite Descent Webring for Dustin Shelby. Additionally he has some more of his pictures and MPEG videos, related to Descent, StarTrek and Babylon 5 on his own page at http://www.descent2.com/neelix

08/21/97 WWW.DESCENT2.COM LAUNCHED Since this day we have our own domain. From this day both the hits and our efforts were doubled! 

09/20/97 PHOBOS ENCOUNTER Razor Blade released the final release of his fantastic single player level set "Phobos Encounter". Descent Network made and hosts the official homepage. About 400 copies of this great level set were downloaded from http://www.descent2.com/phobos

10/05/97 DESCENT NETWORK NEWSLETTER The Descent Network Newsletter was launched and from that day on released every 2-6 days (with a pause in November because of server problems, we changed the server then.)

10/18/97 A VISITOR FROM AMERICA Descent Developer Resources meets Descent Developer Network. Kevin Bentley, on a business trip to Germany, visits us here in Stuttgart, Sandra Skarke and Heiko Herrmann to be exact. We talked of Descent, Descent and of course Descent, and it was quite a cool meeting: two Descent programming interested from two totally different places of the world meet. The meeting was interesting and also quite funny, because we Germans had quite our difficulties to talk a good American english <g>. We finished the meeting with a pizza and icecream "meal", where Kevin was so kind and invited us :). Kevin has made a small homepage with photos of his visit to Europe at http://home.rmci.net/kevin42

10/27/97 ORION NEBULA PROJECT V1.01 AND V2.01 The Orion Nebula Project is THE classic amateur collection for Descent 1. It was made by a couple of people including Luke Schneider and Benjamin Brewster and features full new soundtrack, briefings, 7(+1) great levels and more. Bradley Schneider adminstrated both the original version for Descent 1 and the later version for Descent 2. The Descent Network Team now revised both versions, fixing bugs and bringing the whole thing to the state of the art while keeping the classical feel of it. The official versions V1.01 and V2.01 by DNet, checked by Bradley Schneider, are available at http://www.descent2.com/orion

11/14/97 DESCENT: FREESPACE - THE GREAT WAR TRAILER Another example of how fast Descent Network Team updates: Within 30 minutes(!) we mirrored the cool trailer of Volitions forthcoming game "Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War" and within 8 hours we even offered a special DOS version of the trailer, converted by ourselves and made exclusive on www.descent2.com! BTW, Volition officially granted us the permission to do this! Download either (or both versions) and get some informations and screenshots from our FreeSpace page: http://www.descent2.com/games/freespace

11/16/97 DESCENT 3D MODELS Another Descent Network exclusive thing: Nathan Padgett offered to release his great robot models from Descent 1/2 on our web-site. You can download these models (and preview them) to use in tools like 3D Studio, TrueSpace and others from our page http://www.descent2.com/3d  

11/17/97 DESCENT MANAGER FOR WINDOWS 32 Long awaited, now the first module of the Descent Manager for Windows 95/NT is out. HAXMEDIT32 is the perfect addition to Luke's new Polytron, the polygon-model-editor for Descent 2.

11/23/97 ENTROPY 2: VENGEANCE BY LUKE SCHNEIDER It was in the night of 11/23/97, where Luke Schneider and I met in Kali for hours to finish the homepage and the great single-player collection, exchanging graphics and impressions of both of them. After a long night the great moment has come: Entropy 2: Vengeance was finally released. This mission granted Luke to work for Outrage Entertainment on Descent 3. If you still haven't seen Entropy 2, then you need to download it now: http://www.descent2.com/entropy2

12/09/97 DESCENT MANAGER ANNIVERSARY Finally a date to celebrate. On this day Descent Manager got one year old. On 12/09/96 the first beta version (01b) was released to the public. We celebrated the date with a very nice announcement on our main page :)...

12/09/97 DESCENT TOOLS AND DEVIL DOCUMENTATION Descent Network now has all important tools on seperate pages featuring advanced informations, screenshots and even online documentations of some. The most important one is the Devil documentation, which was fully revised by Heiko Herrmann. Together with our search engine this makes our server a real Descent encyclopedia. http://www.descent2.com/tools http://www.descent2.com/tools/devil/doc http://www.descent2.com/search

12/16/97 ASSASSIN BECOMING NEW DESCENT NETWORK TEAM MEMBER Alexander Streule alias Assassin was with us since the beginning in May '96 on our first sessions, however only as a pure player. Now he is a full member of the inner Descent Network Team working on our homepage: he will do the main Descent Level Network adminstration together with MadMurdock. Send any levels to be reviewed or released on our pages to: Assassin@descent2.com

12/19/97 LUKE SCHNEIDER WAS HIRED BY OUTRAGE FOR DESCENT 3 I knew it since a month (but Luke told me to be quiet ;-) ) but today was the date where the public was finally informed that Luke has been hired by Outrage to make Descent 3 levels after his success on Entropy 1 and 2. We have the official press release on our web-site, if you are interested: http://www.descent2.com/archives/articles/art0028.html

12/20/97 POLYTRON AND BLOCKED TO BE CONTINUED BY HEIKO HERRMANN After Luke has been hired by Outrage, he was quite sure that continuing his tools Polytron and Blocked was quite impossible due to time lack. I (=HH) asked him some weeks ago if I can continue the work on it. He affirmed and today he personally informed the public of this. On the same day there were first working screenshots and informations what will be improved released on our site: http://www.descent2.com/descman/polytron

12/30/97 RBOTEDIT BY GARRY KNUDSON RELEASED After a short alpha phase with Steve Klinger, Craven, Razor Blade and me (=HH), Garry released the RBotEdit, which fixed the left holes in the polygon/robot creation tools. You can check it out at http://www.descent2.com/ 

We hope you liked this little review :). After this success and the fantastic events in 1997, we are descending into the year 1998 which promises to be even better: Three games, Forsaken, Descent: FreeSpace and Descent 3 are about to be released this year. Descent Manager shall be completed, for both DOS and Windows 95/NT. We are about to cooperate with guys and sites like ZappaFan, Descentia and Lost Material Defender Page. And much more is to come. We promise to keep you fully informed on our great and unique web-site at http://www.descent2.com ! Check back often. Keep yourself uptodate. And prepare for Descent :)...

Thanks for a great year 1997...

Heiko Herrmann alias HH-Software Images
Sandra Skarke alias Kruemel
Alexander Streule alias Assassin
Christian Scheibel alias MadMurdock


Statistics and facts, based on 12/31/97 and only pages made by Descent Network:

  • The complete homepage including HTMLs, images and downloads is 433 MB big. In the download area alone has 381 MBs of data.

  • The homepage consists of 454 HTML files.

  • Since 08/02/97 we have had about 29200 hits! The main page of www.descent2.com and reloads of the same persons on the same day are not counted... In December only we had 5889 hits, that's a total of 190 hits per day. Looking at these numbers, you can imagine how fast our hits increased in the last months :)... The maximum hit number on one day was in mid November with 261 hits.

  • Since November '97 the homepage was updated at least every forth day (with one 5-day-exception).

Search for keywords on our whole site using our cool search engine. This makes the site a real Descent encyclopedia... http://www.descent2.com/search 


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