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Next Generation Monster 3D is coming soon! - 01/16/98


Sneak Preview - Read on to unleash the Power of the NEW Monster 3D.

What is the new Monster 3D?
The new Monster 3D is a 3D add-on graphics card that works together with your existing 2D graphics card or 2D/3D combo card. It provides huge improvements in the speed, detail and image quality of 3D games, especially those specifically enhanced for the 3Dfx Voodoo engine. Three to six times faster than the first generation Monster 3D, the new Monster 3D features the 3Dfx Voodoo2 chipset and has three dedicated 3D engines on a single card: one for triangle rendering and two for texture mapping. This means two different textures can be applied to a triangle in one pass, vastly improving the realism of reflective or transparent objects. With the new Monster 3D, you'll be playing games at over 60 frames per second and with two Monster cards, over 100 frames per second (MEGAMonster feature).

When will the new Monster 3D be available?
The new Monster 3D will begin shipping in early March and will be available through major computer retailers nationwide.

What is Voodoo2?
Voodoo2 is the next generation of the 3Dfx Voodoo graphics chip that provides a full-screen 3D only solution. Like, Monster 3D, it uses an external pass-through cable to connect to your computer's existing video card. We believe the next generation Monster 3D will be the fastest and most powerful 3D accelerator product available for gaming and entertainment.

Isn't the Voodoo2 more processor dependent than the original Voodoo? If so, then what is the performance difference between a Pentium based system and a Pentium II-based system (for Voodoo2)? Voodoo2 should be less processor dependent that Voodoo, since Voodoo2 incorporates full triangle setup, relieving the processor of those duties. It is unlikely that a lower performance processor will be capable of providing the data rates required to reach peak performance of Voodoo2, but in terms of aggregate performance, Voodoo2 is less processor dependent than Voodoo1.

Will the new Monster have any new features to make graphics look better?
Yes, multiple textures (2) per pixel in a single pass. This allows for all sorts of interesting special effects such as lighting maps (GL Quake), detailed textures, shadow maps, simulated bump mapping, reflection maps, environment maps, etc.

What are the main advantages over Monster 3D?
The main advantages are in speed and multiples textures per pixel. The new Monster 3D will be around 3 times faster than the current Monster 3D and provides higher resolutions of up to 800 x 600 and up to 1024 x 768 with dual cards. Higher resolutions combined with blended textures per pixel will allow game developers to create complex 3D environments and characters, resulting in stunning visuals.

What games will run on the new Monster 3D?
All games using Microsoft's Direct3D API, plus games running the current version of 3Dfx's Glide API. Games that use the Quake engine will run great using its OpenGL mini-driver. (Quake has been tested at up to 116 frames per second on a Pentium II!) For the most part, every game that runs on Voodoo Rush and all the main games on Voodoo Graphics will be even better on the new Monster 3D. There are over 400 games available or in development!!

What is MEGAMonster?
Simply, MegaMonster lets you pair one new Monster 3D with a second new Monster 3D card and multiply your performance! The new Monster 3D and its twin use Scan Line Interleaving (SLI) to draw alternate even and odd scan lines on you screen, doubling performance and delivering unprecedented color and texture to PC images. With MegaMonster, you'll get resolutions up to 1024 x 768 and play games at over 100 frames per second.

Next week, we'll give you more information on the incredible power of the new Monster 3D.

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