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Forsaken or D3? Discussion - 12/09/97


After 10 hours playing Forsaken today ....I must say that they are going to have to scrap D3 and move right on to D4. We played on a 12 [...].

unknown poster in alt.games.descent


Why should they? Look at http://www.descent2.com/games/descent3 at the screenshots and you'll see that D3 has absolutely nothing to fear, at least not against Forsaken. Forsaken looks good (perhaps a bit too colorful), but Descent 3 looks as far as know MUCH better :)...

Heiko Herrmann, Descent Network Team


I gotta agree here. We've (Volition) seen the D3 milestones as they get done, and we've also seen Forsaken. Believe me, D3 is light years ahead of Forsaken. Sure, Forsaken has that colored lighting and all the 3dfx whatnot, but so does every game nowadays. Wait
until you see some of the level architectures for D3. Outstanding. Descent fans, have no fear!

Dave Baranec, Volition, Inc. / Parallax software.


When Descentile first posted a usenet message about forsaken, it wasn't intended to create this "war" or controversy that I see now. D was simply stating that Forsaken will defiantly appeal to 3d gamers (ie Descent folks, and the such). I have witnessed Forsaken, along with many other hardcore descent players. We all have the same opinion....Forsaken is trusty a great game and will be here soon for everyone to enjoy.

I have been playing Descent since it was first released retail (i used to work for a software comp). Since then, I have been a great fan of the game, and had greatly anticipated the release of d2. Till this day, I still play D1/D2 with the same great enthusiasm that I have always had. Till recently, I haven't seen anything (and I do play quake and other type games) that could hold my interest as much and as long as Descent.

When I saw Forsaken demo, I instantly noticed the intense graphics (or as Dave stated..."that colored lighting and all the 3dfx whatnot." Yet I wondered how it would play....because, there are many "pretty games" on the market which captured the eye, but loose interest due to game play. When looking at the demo of forsaken, I was deeply concerned with game play, the support for net play (since I consider myself a multiplaying freak of nature) pc specs (cpu, ram, etc.) and so on. Then, thanx to acclaim, I and a few others, were given the opportunity to play the game. I was truly impressed by it and really look forward to it's final finished state.  I have no doubt in my mind that "D3 is light years ahead of Forsaken" considering it's released date is lightyears away (especially to us gamers anyway). So there really is no concern for anyone, as far as I see.

We were just stating, that we have found something new, that we know for sure will take off. Games like descent, doom, quake, and soon forsaken....do not come around as often as we like. Since they are in short supply, I believe there is plenty of room for both games. Before anyone passes judgement, play the game first (demo will be released sometime in jan). For it is here now, and there will be nothing like it for a very very long time......

Andrew Peart

taken from alt.games.descent


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