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Descent 3 Report - 12/05/97


We're looking at various options on how to support multiplayer gaming for D3. I'm pretty sure we will go with a client/server model, with a variation for LAN games. Whether or not we end up on a gaming service remains to be seen, but users will be able to host their own TCP/IP games.

As for other info on the project: Alot of our time is being poured into getting an editor up and running smoothly. I'm not sure if other games' editors are this large but this one just seems, well, big. Lotsa cool stuff in that code.

We have a nice terrain engine in, and we'll be integrating the mine/terrain stuff soon - so you should be able to fly in and out of mines seamlessly.

We also have multiple player ships in (right now they're at a beta stage) and this should definitely add alot more diversity to the game. Each ship has its own physics, weapon payload, etc.

It's going to be quiet for awhile as far as updates go, as we're still building the basic framework on which D3 will run. Once we're through with that phase, then we can integrate the new game on top of it (that's the part I'm anticipating!). When this time comes there will be alot more interesting stuff to report.

Jason Leighton
Outrage Entertainment / Parallax Software

taken from alt.games.descent


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