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Interview with Dan Wentz - 01/03/98


...I have a feeling you are making an awesome game that everyone is underestimating. So how about it? Got any things you can share? :)

Dan Wentz/Volition Inc.:
One of the first games I ever got into... well... ok, one of the reasons I bought a computer at home in the first place was to avoid getting caught playing Wing Commander during all hours of the day where I used to work. To put it lightly, I've been hooked by flight games of one type or another since they were first conceived on the computer.

Lately however, since I've come to appreciate the capabilities of my new co-workers, I've come to respect their version of "flight" in ways I can't even explain. Who better than former Looking Glass employee's Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog to make computer games that fly!

The most obvious difference I notice when playing Freespace (and btw, nobody here calls it Descent:... that was only to avoid copyright issues) is the physics engine. Gameplay is the buzzword around here lately, and hopefully those who play our game(s) will be able to appreciate the time and effort we've spent over the past two years.

Although I may be a slightly biased source, I think you put it best by saying that "... everyone is underestimating" (Freespace) But honestly that's just the way we want it.

I've been in charge of all audio and music, and am for all practical purposes almost completed. About all I can say at this stage is that I've been extremely satisfied with the progress of this task. There are many surprises in store. :)

The nice thing is with direct sound, anybody with a Win95 compatible sound card (dx5+) will be able to expect the same fidelity with both sound effects and music; No more general midi headaches!

At the start of this project, nobody in the original team of 5 ever dreamed FS would end up being the monster it is today, this game will have the blood of the now 17 team members all over it by the time it's finished.

Oh and I think "Spring of '98" is a safe bet :)


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Dan Wentz from Volition Inc.

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