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FreeSpace Review: GamePower - 01/29/98


This is not your father's Descent. The frantic battles through the tight, twisted corridors of a zero-G mine have stepped out into the wide-open void of space in Descent: FreeSpace -- The Great War. The company that brought you Descents I and II has split into two halves -- one half, Outrage, working on Descent 3 and the other half, Volition, working on FreeSpace.

After spending a bit of time with an alpha version of FreeSpace, it's obvious the title has very little in common with its namesakes. There are no robots, no mines, and no reactors. Rather, we have a standard space combat game rendered with a completely new engine. This new engine is designed to squeeze lots of ships onto the screen at once for frantic dogfighting action. FreeSpace hopes to accommodate ships even larger and more detailed than the awesome capital ships featured in Wing Commander: Prophecy. The engine supports Direct3D, AGP, and Glide, the native API for 3Dfx chipsets.

Players will have a wide range of ships to choose from, possibly including the Pyro GX seen in the earlier games. The player chooses the ships and weapon loads for himself and his wingmen. Wingman interaction will be a big part of FreeSpace, allowing for a variety of different attack types during gameplay. Pilots can suit up when the game launches this April.

Tom Chick has been involved in gaming since the Atari 2600 was the home system of choice, computer games were loaded from cassette tapes, and Asteroids was the pinnacle of sophisticated graphics.

Tom Chick

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