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GamePower talks to FreeSpace producer - 01/29/98


GP: FreeSpace uses a lot of the conventions established in the Wing Commander and TIE Fighter series. How does it differ?

Jim Boone: Descent: FreeSpace differs from Wing Commander: Prophecy in regards to the multiplayer aspects of the game. It will have a few mini-campaigns that players will be able to play via IPX or TCP/IP, with up to 16 players. All of the standard deathmatch modes will be there, but the emphasis will be on cooperative missions. It differs from X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in the single-player portion of the game. We plan on having 30 missions, using a branching structure. We all feel very strongly that the single-player mode should be just as much fun as the multiplayer portion of the game.


GP: How does the branching campaign work?

Boone: There are basically two different paths you can be on, a good path and a bad path. You will be able to go back and forth between these two paths depending on how you do on any given mission. If you fail your primary mission goal, you will most likely move to the bad path. If you succeed with your primary mission goals, you may move to the good path. Furthermore, each mission will have secondary goals attached to them, which will affect future missions based on whether or not you succeed in accomplishing them.


GP: How will FreeSpace incorporate cutscenes?

Boone: We are going to have around 20 minutes of cutscenes for Descent: FreeSpace. The movies will be running 30fps using a 16-bit palette. They are completely computer-generated. Volition has spent a great deal of time working on this element of the game. Volition has always been very talented in working with cutscenes, but Descent: FreeSpace provided them with a new area to tackle, that being character animation.


taken from www.gamepower.com


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