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People who 'think' they are descent "Gods" - 12/14/97


WARNING - This is an opinion of a gamer that may offend some self-delusioned readers... this is to be taken in a light-heartedly manner... and not totally seriously.  Some of the dubbed "Gods" are really nice people and my offensive comments are not aimed at them but of the Ass-holy "Gods" of Descent.  That's right the AGOD's. :-)

I am totally sick of people that think they are Descent "Gods" ... those people should go out right now pick up a dictionary and look at the meaning of God ... the only DESCENT "gods" are the guys who created Descent.   They rule because they are gamers like us that want to make quality multiplayer games (and money!!) so we can have fun wasting our time when there is nothing more important to do hehe.. =)  If you want to see a prime example of self-promoting ego maniacs who wish to remain anonymous for some reason (crazy people on the net isn't an excuse... The odds of someone do anything over a stupid game is billions to one) ... These 'people' can be found writing useful information in an "Godly" way (at) @ http://www.west.net/~coffee. This site was created by Glock21 (aka. Mom) and friends from the CA area. Yah that's right those same people who go to their little 'group' DFESTS and think they are just 'all that'. All I can say is they come off being 'true' to the American stereotype.  That comment was not meant as an insult.   Egotistical maniacs like this should be ostricized from the Descent community.   A game is about having fun ... I mean really, everyone wins and loses and there are too many factors to say that one is "Unbeatable" or "The best" if we wanted to see that we'd have a Descent "Olympics" hehe... where everyone gets their fare share of the REAL competition and the REAL ass whooping talent that is out there.  If I wanted to 'request' and ass wooping I'd "play with myself" ... of course if that was possible. :-)   The real point of this message is to knock some sense into the individual(s) writing the page or the pages that convey that the writer(s) / Editor(s) are "the best".  There is nothing "Divine" about these "Gods" unless of course they have some "super natural" abilities which would have to make them cheaters :-)  So please find a better term then "God" to call some of these egotistical lame ass good pilots :-) ... Well I am going to find something more important to do then write down useless jargon about people that convey they are "The best" or among "The best" people who play Descent.

-- Be young, have fun, drink PEPSI!!! and if you don't like Pepsi ... Drink something else!! :-)


taken from alt.games.descent


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