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Money on "Descent to Untermountain" = a waste? - 01/21/98


I wanted this game to be great, it was not. Yes some people consider it playable, I don't. Sure you can finish the game, but did you enjoy the experience? I read a post here defending Interplay soley on the basis that they are one of the only companies still putting out CRPGs, to their credit they are trying to support a genre that is in need of a serious influx of capital. Unfortunately they decided to obtain capital by means I consider unethical. I realize that many people do not consider Diablo an RPG, but it was fun it made money and it showed the industry how to do an RPG the fun way. I played the game for over a year after drooling over the demo and waiting on the edge of my seat for the release. I did the same for DTU and now I have this taste in my mouth reminding me of a Keystone beer commercial. Baldur's Gate is on the cover of CGW as a "Diablo Killer" maybe it will have more role playing aspects, and maybe it will have D&D gaming rules followed better than DTU, but I still won't buy it from a company that tells people something is wrong with their computer when DTU won't run on it. I almost choked on the bile when I read posts from people who spent 20 minutes on hold [long distance?] to be told their computer was at fault not DTU! I understand that some systems will run this game with an acceptable frame rate and decent sound and wish mine would. I would still be dissatisfied by all the bugs and the poor graphics. Sure my p100 w/sbpro is 2yrs old and ancient in this soon to be out of date pII300's, but so is the descent engine. The first time I played descent I was literaaly seasick from the realistic 3D zero gravity model. Some one said they liked DTU because they got lost in the dungeon and spent two hours finding their way out. I never bought descent because of that very reason. I knew finding that exit when the reactor was on overload was going to drive me nuts, but the shareware is still on my harddrive and one of my nephews this Christmas liked it better than Quake2.

DTU is no longer on my hard drive maybe when the next patch comes out I'll see if I can find the room for it again but don't bet I'll wait for the full install again to improve performance. DTU should have been released as a beta or Interactive demo first just to let people see what they were getting into. It is quiet obvious that it was not released in this fashion because it would have hurt sales not helped them. I remember the feeling when I saw Q2test on the web I waited hours for my 14.4 modem to download it and yes their were bugs. Every once in a while for some bizarre reason it would start Internet Explorer and try to log me on when I ran it but I had a blast for free and now own two copies because my bro got me one after I got it for me too. I am not scraming at CompUsa or Electroniques Boutique to return Q2. I am not screaming at EB for their ten day return policy for software in the case of DTU. I was headed out the door to return it when in a last ditch effort I found the "patch" so I reinstalled and after several more reinstall and fighting with a patch that would not unzip I finally got DTU to run. It was several days later when I started seeing major problems with the game and by that time returning it was out of the question.

Sure I could go back to EB ask to speak to the manager and scream bloody murder until he maybe give me a refund, but I am not interested in causing him problems he did not cause. He does not desire my IRE Interplay does. If it takes a lawsuit so be it. Any one who downloaded the huge AVI and still has it around take a look at it and see if the game is fairly represented. Anyone interested in pursuing Interplay on the legal front take the time to download it and see just how bad the false advertising really is. Inerplay if you're out there wake up all we want is fair treatment. I for one would be satisfied with an apology, an admission of guilt and either a refund or credit towards the purchase of a playable game. Please note the and I want an apology, AND admission of guilt, AND monetary retribution. Yes it's just a game Interplay is playing with MY HARD EARNED MONEY.


taken from Interplay's Descent to Untermountain page


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