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About the name "MINER" (Some Descent history) - 02/19/98


>I think M.I.N.E.R. might stand for something, if not I am sure we can think
>something up and then it will have a long and short name :)

Miner was the first name for Descent and was just a word, not an acronym. We always knew it was a bad name and we all hated it.   The editor was actually called Med for Miner Editor.  But no one called it Med, we all called it "The Editor."

But "Miner" as a name for the editor makes sense. It is a little bit like you're mining. In fact, with the way you design in negative space, it's very much like you're clearing paths and rooms through a solid area. Inferno was the first real name we came up with for Descent. But it was taken in two ways. There was an Ocean game coming out before us called Inferno. And one of the episodes from Doom used the word Inferno. So Interplay came up with Descent.

In the very first draft of the Descent script (about two pages) it was supposed to take place in space stations.  Matt thought that was a little over-used and suggested mines.  It made sense to me, I made did a couple cut-and-pastes and so we had Miner.  I can't remember what we called the game for that one iteration when it existed in space stations.  It's been almost five years now and it seems like a lot more.

Mike Kulas
Volition Inc.

taken from Descent Developers Mailing List


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