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Descent 3 preview from cdmag.com - 04/24/98


Interplay hasn't forsaken a classic series

One of the things Interplay wants from its new Tantrum division is flashy, high-quality action games. What better then to revisit Descent, an action classic if there ever was one, and one of the first (if not the first) 3D shooter to give gamers six-degrees of freedom (i.e., the ability to fly around upside down while twisting side to side until you puke)? Developed by Outrage Entertainment, which is maybe half of the original developer Parallax (the other half, Volition, is doing Descent: FreeSpace, also for Interplay), Descent III will offer players the chance to leave the dark and claustrophobic mines of the first two games for planetary surfaces and open spaces as they shoot everything that moves. Tunnels will still abound, but at least they won't be the only environments available for mayhem.

Like its predecessors, Descent III will feature lots of weapons (ten are planned), multiple levels, and multiplayer support (up to eight players via the Internet or LAN). Tantrum also promises enhanced AI and three new types of ships for this version. Screenshots show a world more varied than the original game, yet still familiar to veterans. Colored lighting abounds, though it's more or less restrained, and the general 3D environment seems up to date and modern. If the promised "seamless, real-time" transitions between subterranean and above-ground environments materializes, Descent III could give gamers another reason to break out the Dramamine this Christmas.


by Robert Mayer

taken from cdmag.com


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