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Welcome to the Descent Network Music Article! Here you can get samples of how the Descent MIDI soundtracks sounds on various soundcards (to check what is worth buying)...


Descent MIDI soundtracks

The D1 Shareware Soundtrack was an early version of the D1 Commercial soundtrack, it sounds different. FM-improved versions sound a bit funny under wavetable soundcards :)...


Comparison of various sound cards

Here we have compared some sound cards. We took the MIDI title theme of Descent 2 and recorded it as MP3 files. So here you can compare the quality of the cards for yourself to decide what card you buy next... By the way, we recommend the Terratec cards, but convince yourself... BTW, all files are about 2,5-2,8 MB, so you should use an ISDN or faster connection...

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0001 Terratec Audio System EWS64 XL - Using standard 5 MB Waveset in MPU401-mode Terratec site
0002 Terratec Maestro 32/96 - Onboard 4 MB MPU401-Wavetable (2592 kB) Terratec site
0003 Terratec Maestro 16/96 - Onboard 1 MB MPU401-Wavetable Terratec site
0004 Terratec Maestro 16 - Using the bundled 2 MB MPU401-Wavetable Terratec site
0005 Roland SCD-15 - Add-on 2 MB Wavetable card (2920 kB) Roland site
0006 Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE64 - Using standard 4 MB Waveset in AWE-mode CLabs site
0007 Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE32 - Using standard 4 MB Waveset in AWE-mode CLabs site
0008 Creative Labs SoundBlaster 32 CLabs site