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Welcome to the Descent Network "More Stuff" Archives!

Here are more files, stuff, utilities and specs for the Addicted! To be short: We put everything here, that we don't think, that's worth to give it an own caption on one of the download or developer pages. In other words: Many of the things are already covered by better arranged, more complete tools/specs, but you may find some interesting things here, too...

One example is the number of available SaveGames editors out: We (of course) recommend using Descent Manager, but if you like another one or just want to see how others have made their SGeditor, you can find it here...

Descent Network does not guarantee anything for the files here. Some of the files may have too less documentation, a bad user-interface, many bugs, some required files may be missing and some might also not work at all on your system...

We just put here what we find in the net and see no real usage yet or what we have somewhere else in a better form.


More Stuff


0001 Descent FAQ V3.1 (42 kB) Stephen P. Clouse
0002 Start-Up Logo for Windows 95 (39 kB) unknown
0003 D1-D2 music converter (22 kB) Jon Barnhart
0004 Descent Animated Cursors (89 kB) Mark E. Foley
0005 Descent SG specs (10 kb) Brian C. McDonald
0006 Bullet Byte Hex Cheater for Descent 2 (25 kB) Christian Keimel
0007 Descent 2 Macro Studio V1.1 (312 kB) Vulpes
0008 Descent Levels of the World DOS launcher (90 kB) Interplay
0009 DesCheat V1.2 (SaveGame Editor) (69 kB) Mike Audleman
0010 DesPatch V1.03 (SaveGame Editor) (64 kB) Jürgen Weske
0011 DesPatch V2.00 (SaveGame Editor) (72 kB) Jürgen Weske
0012 DesPatch V2.01 (SaveGame Editor) (74 kB) Jürgen Weske
0013 D2SGED V1.3 (SaveGame Editor) (18 kB) Matthew Mueller
0014 RL2Down V1.0 (converts D2 RL2 V7 files back to V6) (21 kB) Bryan Aamot
0015 Descent Studio V1.00 Pre-Release 2 (596 kB) Jeff Ferguson
0016 Descent Studio V1.00 Pre-Release 3 (612 kB) Jeff Ferguson
0017 Descent Studio V1.00 Pre-Release 4 First-Look (258 kB) (Win95 users also need OpenGL) Jeff Ferguson
0018 Demon V0.6beta (44 kB) Marc de Groot
0019 Demon V1.0 (44 kB) Marc de Groot
0020 DescEdit (SaveGame Editor) (20 kB) Evan Felix
0021 Descent Level and Mission Format 0.10 (26 kB) Mike Kulas/Parallax
0022 HOG Maker V1.0 (31 kB) Moderne Software
0023 Descent 2 Macro Editor V1.04 (55 kB) Dr. Kevorkian
0024 MSN/MN2 Editor V1.0 (16 kB) Mark Figura
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