Last Updated: 03/31/99

The Descent Network ToolBox

On this page you'll find tools and utilities, that are not directly bound to Descent playing/developing, but may be a big help! One example is the IPX drivers for DOS for LAN sessions, another one is the AntiNuke-Patch for Windows, which shall be installed before you play with Kali or Kahn in the internet (because if not, everyone can crash your system... :( )! All files you find here are freeware or shareware! You won't find any warez, cracks or other illegal files here! Please read the documentation files that are delivered with the tools how to support the tools' authors to ensure futher development of shareware!


Internet Tools




Sound Tools


Grafik Tools





Most often needed drivers:

sign_note.gif (191 bytes) Note: DirectX 5 is also available on this site. Just scroll a bit down to the System Upgrades & Patches.


System Upgrades & Patches

Here are System Upgrades, Service Packs and Patches.

sign_note.gif (191 bytes) Warning: The patches only apply to the specific OS version and most times also only to one specific language of the OS!