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Last Updated: 03/31/99

Sometime between First Strike and Counterstrike, the robots learned of an element called Tridium. This element, when fused with any piece of metal, will grant invulnerability. Now, the robots are mining Tridium for use with their own armor. Can you stop the robots from mining this invincible element? Find out when you enter the Chasm!



The Story

Sometime between First Strike and Counterstrike, the alien robot army divided into three parts. One of the forces went on to attack the Zeta Aquillae, Quartzon, Brimspark, and other systems. PTMC's response to this hostile attack became known as the Counterstrike. The second robot army was caught on PTMC's radar systems, then it vanished into the deep realms of outer space. Finally, the third army staged a hostile takeover of the Keylark System.

Planet Keylark, the central planet in the Keylark System, was the universe's only source for an element known as Tridium. Tridium had been mined and known about only by the Post-Terran Mining Corporation, (a.k.a. PTMC). The secrecy surrounded what PTMC officials dubbed as "The Most Important Discovery in Machines Today." Tridium has the ability to provide impenetrable armor to the machines it's attached to. And, obviously, this would fare well for the invading alien robots.

To mine Tridium, long shafts needed to be drilled into Keylark's crust to collect the element within. It was these shafts, or chasms, that gave "birth" to the Chasm Mine. There are three of them in the entire universe, and the PTMC had them all.

The robots staged a hostile takeover of these three mines and a nearby military outpost to alert the other robots of Vertigo Pilots. Then, they began the task of learning how to mine Tridium and apply it to their own armor.

That's where you come in, Vertigo 1. Your mission is to eliminate the robot threat before they can mine Tridium and make themselves invulnerable. The robotic grip on Keylark is fierce and dense. You will be inserted into the military outpost and from there, you will rid the Keylark System of the robots.

Prepare for Descent...


The Levels


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Keylark Outpost

Your first set of coordinates given to you by PTMC direct you to this small outpost on the planet known as Keylark, the central planet in the Keylark System.

preview.gif (12446 bytes) Aqua Chasm

A hoard of insidious await you at the first Chasm mine, Aqua Chasm.

preview.gif (12348 bytes) Lava Chasm

A variable inferno awaits you on the "hot" side of Keylark. This chasm mine was not used for mining Tridium, but also for melting it into a red-hot slag.

preview.jpg (4480 bytes) Ice Chasm

Descent into the below zero depths of Ice Chasm. In this mine, Tridium went through the final phase before it was finally turned into something useful, like an invulnerability orb.

preview.jpg (4345 bytes) Tridium Refinery

As it turns out, Neufor was only a second-in-command robot. Upon learning of the disruption of the sinister plan, the main head robot located a large missile, the Planet Disrupter Missile. Realizing that his plan has failed, this is a last-ditch attempt by the remaining robots to destroy you.

preview.jpg (4264 bytes) Secret Level 1: Seamist Passage

A top secret PTMC military weapons testing facility, the Passage is filled with maniacal robots... but nothing you haven't seen before.

preview.jpg (5707 bytes) Secret Level 2: Battledrome

All of PTMC's quality mining robots had to go through thorough scrutinization to prevent any mishaps or programming glitches. The alien robots looked for similar qualities, and they tested their deadly breed of mining robots here at the Battledrome.


The Features

The main features of this great level set are:


The Robots

You may have seen this robot menaces before if you've played Descent 1 or 2. But now, they have been outfitted with even deadlier and more potent weapons, guaranteed to pour your little Pyro-GX to a metallic pulp.

phobot1.jpg (5620 bytes) Helix Attack Robot

Armament: Helix Cannon

phobot2.jpg (9199 bytes) Merc Platform

Armament: Rapid-fire Mercury Missiles

bot03.gif (2686 bytes) Blue Hulk

Armament: Rapid-fire Homing Missiles

bot04.gif (1453 bytes) LTN Robot (Lava Tunnel Negtiator)

Arnament: None

bot06.gif (11921 bytes) PTMC intelligence lacks identification on this robot...

Armament: Earthshaker Missiles

bot06.gif (11921 bytes) Neufor - Second-in-Command Robot

Armament: Smart Missile Launcher

phobot3.jpg (9048 bytes) PTMC intelligence lacks identification on this robot... Suspected invasion leader

Armament: Rapid-fire Earthshaker Missiles, SmartMines and Cloak



The Soundtrack

Chasm features an all-new pulse-punding soundtrack written by a total of three composers. Dan Wentz, musician for Parallax Software/Volition Inc., provided the translations of these songs for Descent 2.

Patrice Tarabbia composed the songs RobotZone and Aqua 76 for Keylark Outpost and Aqua Chasm respectfully. RobotZone is a fast-paced techno track which goes perfect with the Descent environment. Aqua 76 is a calm and unobtrusive track. Patice also did the music for other professional computer games.

Benjamin Brewster is probably best known in the Descent world for composing songs for the Orion Nebula Project. For Chasm, the Lava Chasm soundtrack is called Relevance and the Ice Chasm music is titled Cathedral.

Anthony Cimino wrote and performed the song for the Tridium Refinery level.


The Reviews

Jay Hoeberechts says on the DCentral page: Texture Terror: The official blurb from ChasmWeb says: "7 levels that will soak you, fry you and freeze you." That's pretty accurate. Chasm's levels are highly themed - meaning that each has it's own look and feel that is consistant throughout the level. Not many other missions can boast this... In my opinion, it really adds to Chasm due to the extra variety. - Atomic BomberBots: Another point in Chasm's favour is the progression between levels. Firstly, the mission has a decent storyline with full briefings. And, of course, the difficulty progresses as you go along... Where Keylark Outpost is rather easy, both Ice Chasm and Tridium Refinery (and the second secret level) have rather nasty bosses that you have to deal with. This mission is very well balanced as far as difficulty goes. - Actual Apperance May Vary: The levels themselves, however, vary in quality quite a bit. None of them are very bad, of course, but some are considerably better than others. This makes the mission feel like a first attempt. By far, the best is Ice Chasm, but I liked Lava Chasm and Keylark Outpost too. All 7 levels, however are pretty damn good anyway. - Another small quibble I had with Chasm is this: In Keylark, there are lots of nice custom textures, with new signs and animated decorations. You really have to see them. On the other hand, the rest of the levels barely have any textures - limited to one or two new "rock" types, and Chasm "C" logo signs at the beginning of each level. But that's really just a minor grump. - Batteries Included: If you think this review is rather negative, however, keep this in mind: Chasm is a total blast to play. Quite well worth downloading. That's why I decided to give it a 4 of 5 stars!

Luke Schneider says on the R.E.A.L. page: Mission Overview: Chasm brings 7 action-filled levels to the realm of Descent 2. It includes a nice custom soundtrack, a few custom textures, and a D2 first, ending credits. The gameplay is pretty solid, but very standard. - Highlights: Consistent classic gameplay / Nice MIDI soundtrack / Credits make beating it worthwhile. - Lowlights: Gameplay gets repetitious after a while / Nothing to get excited about / Structures are solid but plain. - Final Analysis: A good first effort, but a little too standard. - Rating: Structure: 3 of 5 / Textures: 3 of 5 / Lighting: 3 of 5 / Orginality: 2 of 5 / Playability: 3 of 5 / Objective: 2 of 5 / Features: 3 of 5 / Music 3 of 5 / Overall: 3 of 5!


The Download

Before you download, please take a look again at your Descent 2 version and ensure that you have Descent 2 Commercial with the V1.2 patch installed on it. Only with this version you will encounter the full world of Chasm. If you only have V1.0 or V1.1 of Descent 2, please update to V1.2 first. If you only own Descent 2 Destination Quartzon or the Descent 2 Interactive Demo, simply forget it: these versions are not compatible to Chasm!



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