logo_s.gif (21486 bytes)Keylark Outpost Overview

Level 1: Keylark Outpost


Your first set of coordinates given to you by the Post-Terran Mining Corporation (a.k.a. PTMC) direct you to this small outpost on the planet known as Keylark, the central planet in the Keylark System. The robots have waged an attack on the Chasm mines themselves. They are utilizing this small military outpost to keep a watch out for pesky Material Defenders like yourself. The threat here is reported to be light, but dense. Your primary goal will be to unlock the Red Door and annihilate the main Reactor.

However, this mission is hindered by a couple factors... factors that have grounded and confounded the pilots before you (of which are said to be held captive somewhere in the Outpost). First, and most obvious, there are the robots. But, secondly, reports have it that the robots have cut power to one of the doors leading to the Red Key. You must activate the Auxiliary Generator to restore power to that door and get the Red Key.

Those are your goals, Material Defender. Proceed with caution.


pic01.jpg (49960 bytes) Reports suggest a low infestation.
pic02.jpg (52576 bytes) Pilots are confounded by locked door.
pic03.jpg (47345 bytes) One of the larger rooms in Keylark Outpost.
pic04.jpg (45623 bytes) The blue key is guarded by some robots.
pic05.jpg (42364 bytes) Got blue key, then go for the red key.
pic06.jpg (43152 bytes) Annihilate the main Reactor.


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