logo_s.gif (21486 bytes)Aqua Chasm Overview

Level 2: Aqua Chasm


A hoard of insidious await you at the first Chasm mine, Aqua Chasm. To remind you, the robots are here to mine an element known as Tridium. This element, which provides temporary invulnerability, can only be mined via means of long shafts that run up and down..... chasms.

In this large and sprawling colony, you must locate the Reactor, which is behind a Red Door. There are three keys, and you must find all of them. Be especially careful when negotiating through the chasms themselves, as they seem limitless and deadly.

Be adventurous and check behind the several cascading waterfalls, but always keep your eye out for the ever-present robots... the infestation is growing.


screen00.jpg (64525 bytes) "Bottomless Chasms" are one impasse.
screen01.jpg (33146 bytes) The Helix Cannon can be very good in here. But watch your energy!
screen02.jpg (61253 bytes) You have to pass this dangerous room. Be extremely careful.
screen03.jpg (49170 bytes) The long way to the red key.
screen04.jpg (41607 bytes) Finally you reached the red key, but how do you get it?
screen05.jpg (42526 bytes) Heading for the reactor room.
screen06.jpg (37158 bytes) Time to get your job done!


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