logo_s.gif (21486 bytes)Lava Chasm Overview

Level 3: Lava Chasm


A variable inferno awaits you on the "hot" side of planet Keylark. This chasm mine was not only used for mining Tridium, but also for melting it into a red-hot slag. Several sections of the mine are filled with blistering lava and more crazed robots, including the Heavy Driller and the Secondary Lifter.

The robots also managed to "transplant" the main Reactor from its normal location, high above a dormant volcano, to actually inside the volcano itself. Brace yourself for a real dogfight right outside the volcano.

Navigate through the series of octagonal tunnels and huge rooms to find the volcano and blow this level skyhigh. While you're at it, also look for the interplanetary teleporter, which will take you to the enigmatic mists of Seamist Passage.


pic01.jpg (37379 bytes) Always be on alert for Lava.
pic02.jpg (48815 bytes) Another dangerous robot center.
pic03.jpg (52517 bytes) A Supervisor Robot keeps an eye on the hostages.
pic04.jpg (60242 bytes) Follow the corridor for the needed key.
pic05.jpg (56232 bytes) Fight your way through this hall to get to the yellow key and continue your mission.
pic06.jpg (61557 bytes) Another chasm.
pic07.jpg (59233 bytes) You will encounter many Heavy Drillers.
pic08.jpg (53884 bytes) Never forget your primary mission: Destroy the reactor.
pic09.jpg (76398 bytes) The volcano is dormant, reports say.
pic10.jpg (68596 bytes) The reactor is behind the grates.


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