logo_s.gif (21486 bytes)Ice Chasm Overview

Level 4: Ice Chasm


Descend into the below zero depths of Ice Chasm. In this mine, Tridium went through the final phase before it was finally turned into something useful, like an invulnerability orb. There are also a few small deposits of Tridium here. The robots are attempting to mine it, but have had little success using their mining tools to break through the ice. Now, they have activated the heaters and are planning on melting a good portion of the mine for their use.

Being one of the most important Chasm mines, the robots have stationed their best forces here. And by your manual destruction of the Keylarkan mines before here, they are on full alert. In fact, a lone PTMC Security Droid that was left unharmed by the initial attack managed to beam us photographs of what seems to be the leader of the robot invasion. Before the Security Droid was found and deactivated, it reported that this robot's name was Neufor and he was overseeing the attack.

Get ready to enter this last Chasm mine and seek and destroy the evil Neufor robot. Also in your travels, you could attempt to locate the Battledrome arena, the main testing facility for all of the modified robots.


pic01.jpg (64652 bytes) Prepare for Ice Chasm and the Neufor boss robot.
pic02.jpg (66472 bytes) Your first problem will be conquering this bridge.
pic03.jpg (68112 bytes) The Ice Spindle Robots are very widespread in this mine.
pic04.jpg (62885 bytes) A path in the water.
pic05.jpg (69289 bytes) Some more Ice Spindle Robots.
pic06.jpg (67503 bytes) Past the red key, you will need to destroy some Lou Guards.
pic07.jpg (77728 bytes) A large hall, guarded by some Mega Hulks.
pic08.jpg (34148 bytes) Neufor, as seen by PTMC Intelligence.
pic09.jpg (31261 bytes) This is the way we want to see him: Dying!


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