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Level 5: Tridium Refinery


As it turns out, Neufor was only a second-in-command robot. Upon learning of the disruption of the sinister plan, the main head robot located a large missile, the Planet Disrupter Missile. This missile, with the power of approximately 20 Earthshaker Missiles, has been aimed at the PTMC Outer Rim station known as Valhalla Tower. The Tower is something the PTMC seriously does not want to lose, as it coordinates all of the outer rim mines.

The leader has relocated himself to a Tridium Refinery where he conspires on destroying Valhalla Tower. Realizing that his plan has failed, this is a last-ditch attempt by the remaining robots to destroy you.

Packing two Earthshaker Missile launchers and a Smart Mine layer, this boss means business. And, with a slew of newly modified "Helix Attack Bots," he will stop at nothing to annihilate you.


pic01.jpg (59551 bytes) Don't be mistaken by the silence of the starting rooms.
pic02.jpg (42238 bytes) Infestation is extreme.
pic03.jpg (68931 bytes) The suspected alien leader together with its Helix Attack Bots
pic04.jpg (57868 bytes) The final fight takes place in a large room...
pic05.jpg (69349 bytes) ...which lies totally under control of the leader. He is even able to teleport to stratetic places to get you in the back.
pic06.jpg (61964 bytes) Shake your body everybody...


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