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Descent 1
Full Version

Descent 1 Full Version & Descent 1 Destination Saturn

These cheat codes do NOT work in multiplayer mode. You need to enter GABBAGABBAHEY first, before you enter any cheat code. This will also reset your score to 0 and disable the score counter.

GABBAGABBAHEY Master cheat: It's necessary to activate the cheating mode
BIGRED SuperWowieZowie weapons (all Full Version weapons)
BRUIN Extra Life
BUGGIN turbo mode
FARMERJOE warp to other levels (you can enter the level number)
FLASH shows you the way to the exit with energy boost
GUILE Cloaking Device On
MITZI all keys
RACERX Invulnerability on / off
SCOURGE WowieZowie weapons (all Shareware Version weapons)
TWILIGHT shield set back to 100
AHIMSA only V1.4+: robots stop shooting
ASTRAL only V1.4+: ghosty mode: fly through all kinds of walls
BIOBSYTOYS only V1.4+: destroys the reactor
POBOYS only V1.4+: destroys the reactor
PORGYS only V1.4+: rapid fire & all weapons with extra missiles

German users should note that the cheats are entered on a English keyboard. That means that z => y and y => z!



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