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These cheat codes do NOT work in multiplayer mode. Entering any cheat code will reset your score to 0 and disable the score counter.

ALIFALAFEL all accessoires (without weapons)
ALMIGHTY invulnerability on / off
DELSHIFTB destroys the reactor and set you (with all weapons of the level) to the exit
DUDDABOO all weapons bounce (like the Phoenix cannon)
FREESPACE warp to other levels (you can enter the level number)
GODZILLA bumping into robots will kill them
GOWINGNUT the Guide-Bot gets angry and shoot to every robot (be careful when it shoots Mega Missiles!) Enter again to calm him down again.
HELPVISHNU another Guide-Bot
HONESTBOB all weapons (due to a bug in V1.0 this cheat will give you only the shareware weapons in that version
LPNLIZARD homing weapons
SPANIARD all robots are toasted (killed) (the boss robot will be killed when entering one more time and the next time the guide-bot will be toasted (sniff))
BLUEORB only V1.1+: shield boost (same as collecting a shield powerup)
IMAGESPACE only V1.1+: Robots stop shooting
SILKWING only V1.1+: the robots kill each other
WILDFIRE only V1.2+: very fast shooting

The following are non-cheating commands. They are also available in multiplayer mode, since they are no real cheats, meaning they give no advantage to the player that uses them.

BITTERSWEET Gives you a funny view as if you are looking through a fish-eye-lense... Entering it again will undo it
GABBAGABBAHEY The cheat from Descent 1 is still available, although its result is not the same: your shield and energy will be set to 1 (!) and in multiplayer game everyone will also be notified of your bad try :-(! Did you really think, Parallax didn't change the cheat codes as id Software did it for Doom/Doom 2?
PIGFARMER Replaces the background texture you see when playing with smaller windows (press "-") with a photo of a programer of Parallax Software. Entering it again will undo it.

Non-cheating commands will a) not activate the cheat mode, meaning you still are able to score and b) they are also available in multiplayer mode.

Note: Do better not try to use the old GABBAGABBAYHEY cheat code or one from Descent 2 Demo, since most of them actually do work, but not showing the result you wished: they handicap you to 1 shield and 1 energy.

German users should note that the cheats are entered on a English keyboard. That means that z => y and y => z!



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