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Last Updated: 12/14/99


The Descent Manager - Beta 06f

As not yet all modules are available in newer versions, you still can download the old Beta 06f from July '97. As soon as I finish all modules, this one won't be needed anymore. The Beta 06f was the last release where all modules where built into one program. However as I exceeded the limits of Borland Pascal the modules are now sepearted...

Note: There is a limited Beta 06g out. If you find it somewhere on the internet, simply ignore it, you won't need it! Beta 06g is code-aquivalent to Beta 06f, it only has an additional (german) welcome screen while the installation. It was made for a German magazine, which featured Descent 1 Commercial plus several tools, including the Descent Manager. The welcome screen just greets the readers of that magazine. Other than that Beta 06g is exactly the same, it was even released on the same day as Beta 06f...


Known bugs

The following bugs are known:

  • The DEMo-Editor will produce invalid non-working DEMo files. Use the already available module DEMOEDIT/DOS instead of the one in Beta 06f.

  • The SaveGame-Editor sometimes brings an error message, that no savegames are found, although it lists some. The module SGEDIT/DOS should be out in the next days, which will have this fixed.



Currently available are:



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