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Descent in multiplayer mode is probably the greatest fun you can get out of this fabulous game! Both Descent 1 and 2 provide a very easy to control Multiplayer menu to quickly open and join games. Unlike Doom and Duke Nukem both Descent games work in asynchrone mode, which means every computer runs at its full speed (synchrone games brake all to the slowest computer in the game) and later joining and leaving is possible whenever you want! And unlike Quake EVERYBODY can leave the game without closing it, even the one who opened the game (btw, that guy is called the game master in Descent!).

Descent 1 and 2 directly support three multiplayer game types:

Using add-on tools like Kali or Kahn you can even play via the internet with up to 8 players! Play against guys that are thousands of kilometres away!!


Multiplayer games... a great experience!

You need to test it: after you once played Descent against a human being, you are addicted to it. To experience this way of playing, we recommend you visiting the following pages on our server:


Playing over the internet - Kali and Kahn

There are mainly two applications to play Descent, Descent 2 and other IPX games over the internet:

Which of both - Kali or Kahn - is the better choice, varies from user to user! So check out both pages by clicking on the link above, to decide what is best for you! On these pages we have informations and links to both as well as the newest client software (which are both trial versions until you buy a serial number and enter it in the program!)...


Monitoring games - Network Spys

There are two applications that let you preview what Descent 1/2 games are currently opened. Both are compatible to LAN, Kali and Kahn:

Please note that both tools can not be run parallel to a Descent network game! So shutdown DSpy/DeMon first, before you start Descent... and the other way round!


Mission Downloaders


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