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Last Updated: 12/15/99


Last Updated: 12/15/99



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"Nicht so eine primitive Scheiße wie DOOM" (Zitat von Michael Haiss) (<-sorry but this can't be translated into english!)



Choose your destination, Material Defender

A quick overview of our most important services:

  • What's New? - News on this site
  • Descent Manager - The ultimate tool collection for the Descent user, e.g. DETLEF32, PLREDIT32 and the Robot Construction Kit!
  • Descent Tools - The most important tools made by the Descent community for the Descent community
  • Descent Level Network - A huge collection of quality levels for both Anarchy and Single-Player modes.
  • Descent Developer Network - Developer information, e.g. file format specs and the Descent 1 Source code
  • Descent 3 Preview - Exclusive screenshots made by DNet as well as an AVI showing D3 in action.
  • Descent Patches - Patches and Updates for Descent 1 Shareware, Descent 1 Commercial and Descent 2 Commercial. Also contains D2_3Dfx versions and special D1 versions like DDR_D1, D1DJGPP...
  • Descent Shareware - Try before buy... Non-playable trailers and playable demo versions!
  • Multiplayer Stuff - Links you to the multiplayer world on Kali, Kahn, DETLEF32, ...
  • Descent Network Archives - Descent Musics, Images and More Stuff...
  • Descent 3D - Descent models! Render your own Pyro-GX!
  • Descent Links - A well-sorted list of links to other Descent sites in the world (wide web).


now_detlef.gif (16319 bytes)Descent Manager DETLEF32 - The professional way to download missions from the net. How do YOU download your missions?


Visit our sister site, dedicated for Descent: FreeSpace, at:
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Who we are, and our cooperating friends

The Descent Network Team are (more detailed descriptions and photos can be found here):


Descent Network is working in direct cooperation with the following friends and sites:


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There are several awards our site has won, which we are very proud of:

Our Descent Manager page was Warp Core's Destination of the Month in June '97!

elitering.gif (37250 bytes) was the most active site on the Elite Descent Ring in December '97!
cert_ad.gif (2530 bytes) The Descent Network site won the "Award of abundant database" given by the Descent Newbie site in December '97!
vital.120-60.gif (2356 bytes) We have been rated vital at GC Underground's Descent Community links page in November '98.


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Sick of ZIP? Give RAR a try! Download it here!


This domain (

This domain is shared by a couple of (mostly German) Descent freaks! Although the domain name states, that it would be COMmercial, it is made just of fun and admiration to our all-time-favorite-game: Descent!!


The makers of
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logo_interplay.gif (16549 bytes) Interplay Productions
The producer and publisher.
logo_pxsoftware.gif (12084 bytes) Parallax Software
The creators of Descent 1 and 2.
logo_volition.jpg (9409 bytes) Volition Inc.
One arm of the divided Parallax Software, works on Descent: FreeSpace.
logo_outrage.jpg (10262 bytes) Outrage Entertainment
The other arm of the divided Parallax Software, works on Descent 3.


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