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Last Updated: 12/14/99


We about us...

On this page we want to introduce ourselves.




Real name Nickname Job Location
Alexander Streule Assassin Level reviewer, 3D artist, administrator Germany
Chris Becker Topher Programmer USA
Christian Scheibel MadMurdock Financial stuff on Germany
Daniel Ajang Tatanka Player
Garry Knudson Garry FreeSpace experimentations, 3D Programmer USA
Heiko Herrmann HH-Software Images Senior Programmer, musician, project leader, administrator Germany
James Ku Kuman 3D artist USA
Jason Jouret Delirium Level Designer USA
Jeff Guynn ZappaFan DETLEF administrator USA
John Hanton Silverthorn FreeSpace experimentations, Programmer UK
Kam Sheffield Diocon Level Designer USA
Mark Redman Vyper Programmer USA
Michael Dorner EagleSpirit Senior 2D/3D artist Austria
Michael Schmalz Mole Page designer, Program tester Germany
Mike Menefee Mike Programmer, DDN Admin USA
Nathan Padgett ThinMan 3D Artist USA
Nikodemus von Theisien Emus Senior 3D artist Germany
Pierre Schoberth NeeliX 3D Artist Germany
Steve Klinger Stinger Senior Programmer USA
Pierre De Landsheere Tricord Manual - Help file writer Belgium


German members


hh-soft.jpg (15461 bytes)
Heiko "HH-Software Images" Herrmann
Senior Programmer, musician, project leader, administrator

I'm an 23 year old student (Subject "Software engineering"). I'm developing programs since I was 8. I play Descent now since the beginning of 1995 (I began with Descent I Shareware V1.0, the oldest Descent version existing...). I started to play multiplayer in the mid of 1995 with Sandra via Null-Modem. In the early 1996 we began to play via network and now are organizing 8-player sessions. My favorite musics start from synthically sounds from Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Kraftwerk, New Order, Electronic, J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, ... go via "real" pop music like Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Phil Collins, Genesis, ... and end up in harder things like Accuser, DIO and Killing Joke! I love to dance (Cha-Cha and so on), but hate to go into discos or to pubs. I'm a 100% convinced non-smoker! I live in Stuttgart-Feuerbach (Germany/Europe), the biggest and most importast city the world (well, nearly ;-) )... Well, I am the founder, main organizer and the coder of the Descent Network Team. My hobbies are computing, hearing music, dancing and playing with my dog. I'm also programing for Softwarebuero Dorsch commercial software, which is my main money source. I code in Borland Turbo Pascal, MS Visual Basic, MS C++ plus scripting in InstallShield and FormFlow.

assassin.jpg (15979 bytes)
Alexander "Assassin" Streule
Level reviewer, 3D artist, administrator

I'm a 18 years old student who attends High School. I live in Stuttgart not far away from Heiko. I frequently play D2 on Kali, but although it is my unchallenged favorite game I also play some other games like strategy games and adventure games. Outside of The Descent World I do a lot of biking (trialing). My favorite music is widely spread, i hear a lot of syntically music like Recoil, Jean Michel Jarre or Depeche Mode and also Rock music like Genesis and Marillion.

emus.jpg (13865 bytes)
Nikodemus von Theisien

Senior 3D artist

Ällöh, this is Nikodemus von Theisien speaking! - better known as "EMUS". I began the experience called computer half a year earlier than Tina. The times before I've played around with an old commondore 64 and had a great time. Now, that I'm involving more and more in Descent I came to DNet - and my targets get nearer and nearer to me. I hope in a pleasures time with the guys at and we will see what will come...

eaglespirit.jpg (34800 bytes)
Michael "EagleSpirit" Dorner
Senior 2D/3D artist

Hobbies: playing Descent, collecting blondie jokes, drivin sister crazy
<more information coming soon>

mole.jpg (23209 bytes)
Michael "Mole" Schmalz
Page designer, Program tester

Hi, I'm Michael Schmalz alias "Mole". I'm 17 years old and live in Ditzingen near Stuttgart.My hobbies are skateboarding, snowboarding and playing computergames :). I've three sisters and one twinbrother, who gave me evertime the feeling of having a cool family. I have to go to school for two more years, but that's ok...

Alexander Streule alias "Assassin" lives in the same town. He is a really good friend, although he kills me frequently in Descent, but that's another story (to be continued <g>)

murdock.jpg (46115 bytes)
Christian "MadMurdock" Scheibel
Financial stuff on

Hi, I'm Christian! I'm a 21 years old Berliner and like Descent. Although I'm a Descent Network Member I also play other games like "Civilization" and adventure games. When I don't sit on my computer I like to play role-playing and reading every fantasy books in the world (e.x. from Terry Pratchet, Wolfgang Hohlbein). At the moment I haven't so much time because I'm on alternative service. But the free time is used for Descent and for 3D-Studio MAX

neelix.gif (20289 bytes)
Pierre "NeeliX" Schoberth
3D artist

Hello. My name is Pierre. I'm coming from Glashuetten, that's near Bayreuth, Germany. I'm 17 years old and I've just started an apprenticeship as a "Rechtsanwaltsfachangestellter". (<-Sorry, I don't know how to say this in English.) One of my hobbies is cave investigating.
Well, my favourite computer-program and -game are Lightwave 3D and Descent. I'm also a Star Trek fan and I've traced a lot of pictures and anims of the USS Enterprise 1701-d with Lightwave. In my freetime I hear a lot of music from Madonna, Mariah Carey, Taylor Dayne, and Whitney Houston.


tatanka.gif (32317 bytes)
Daniel "Tatanka" Ajang

I'm a 21 years old Soldier of the German Military. I live in Kiel in the North of Germany. I play much Descent 2 (since 3 years) and i hope in future more Descent 3. But i like playing strategy games like, AoE (RoR) and SC too. When I'm not at my computer I watch television or help other people with computer problems and i do a litle sport, not a special one. I like Tekkno
Music and some comercial Hiphop and normally Charts music.



International members


stinger.jpg (24417 bytes)
Steve "Stinger" Klinger

Senior Programmer

I'm what you might call an "old timer" at 39 years, but who cares? I live in Hartford, Wisconsin USA,  which is not too far from Milwaukee. I've been enjoying the world of computers since the Commodore 64 was hot. After that, I used a C128. I've also owned 3 Amiga's over the years until I finally broke down and bought Packard-Bell P120 about 2 years ago. I then got a P2 300mhz machine running W95. The main machine I now use is a Dell Dimension XPS R P2 450mhz running W98.

My interests, besides computing, include a deep love of music. I listen to everything from classical to Heavy Metal. Favorite Bands include Black Sabbath, Metallica, Rush, Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and perhaps my favorite, Marillion (w/Fish on vocals). I've been playing the guitar for almost 30 years but I've been neglecting it for the last few years.

Another huge interest of mine is woodworking. This started when I got this brainstorm that I would build my own guitar. But before I could do this, I felt that I should learn something about woodworking. Problem is that I had too much fun building things and never got around to building that guitar! I especially enjoy making pens.

I taught myself to program in Basic on the C64 and C128 but got away from it for a number of years. Eventually, I discovered this game called "Descent 2" and quickly became addicted to it. This led to my finding a mailing list called the "Descent Developers List". After reading the messages for a while, I decided to answer a call by Heiko for people who wanted to investigate the Descent robot data (IDTA). It was a bit over my head but I stuck with it and eventually bought a copy of Visual Basic 5 Pro as well as a few books on the subject. I had ideas about developing an editor that would cover all the robot data that Polytron and Cob2PM didn't.

Well, this came to a halt when Luke Schneider asked me if I would write some kind of tutorial for Polytron. This became quite the project as it grew to over 60 pages before I finished it. Of course it is now "Out-of-Date" but that will change. Now I'm programming Descent Manager POLYTRON32 along with Heiko and this pretty much takes care of my free time lately. I'm learning a lot about programming and I'm having a lot of fun with it besides. Where this will all lead is anyone's guess.

Mark "Vyper" Redman

Hi, my name is Vyper, and I play Descent.
Actually, my name is really Mark and I am a dedicated father of two daughters and husband to a totally gorgeous and talented wife, Christina.
In my spare time, I assist my wife with her photography (I carry the equipment), I tinker with computers (obviously), electrical engineering, custom material fabrication, and chemistry. I am currently building new launch platforms for my high power fuel formulation experiments. My dream is to be the first to put a model rocket into a low earth orbit.

I have been working with computers since the late 70's when I worked as a programmer writing medical monitoring applications in assembler on an IBM real-time mainframe. Since then, I have programmed every computer type imaginable in langauges such as Assembler, Fortran, Visual Basic, C, and now, C++. I now work as Principle Engineer over Infrastructure for the largest energy producer in the U.S.

I have been playing Descent since version 1.0 demo and over the years have become obsessed with the Descent universe. I enjoy creating levels, bots, and just about everything Descent. I have been working with Dnet since beta testing of Descent 3 began and have just released my first program, ServMan32, a dedicated server manager for D3. I hope to create additional utilities and levels for Descent 3 in the coming months in addition to release testing on D3 and others.

My other hobbies include horses, heavy equipment, and 3D model and image construction. I have been working with Lightwave for several years now and am beginning to work with other programs like 3DS, photoshop, etc.. Working with Emus (Nikodemus von Theisien), I have gained a much better insight into the passion and harmony that can be communicated through 'Minds Eye' images. I hope one day to be half as good as he.

wpe4.jpg (2947 bytes)
Chris "Topher" Becker

Well I live in Colorado, USA. My hobbies are playing Descent and Coin Collecting. I love to make utility and 3D programs and it's even better now that they won't be just for myself!

I first learned of DNet when I was making a utility program for Descent. The specs helped so much that every day I visited the site to see if it was updated. Then I learned of the programs DNet made and said to myself that it would be really cool if I could be apart of that. Some time passed and Descent 3 came around. I new DNet was going to have a ton of neat programs of the Descent world. I couldn't resist! I mailed Heiko and here I am today, apart of the Descent Network Team!

Kam "Diocon" Sheffield
Level designer

Hello, I'm Kam Sheffield (also known as "Diocon" in Descent multiplayer), a 15 year old level designer. I got started in Descent way back when I bought v1.0 on cd (just looked at the back, thought it was cool and bought it, you could say it was my destiny). Later my friend and I found out about a level editor called Devil. We started designing simple layouts with 20X20X20 cubes. Later DMB2 and the Vertigo series came along. I started to design more levels. I grew to like DMB2, and became accustomed to it,  it was much better than Devil, and it didn't crash, you do not know how many levels I lost to Devil crashing it the early stages. I continued to design levels, I started to feel like I was getting good at it. I had also been e-mailing many of my levels to Alexander Struele. He was giving me great compliments on how much he liked them. Then I sent him Hydro Phobia, and Virtual Intensity (2 of my latest anarchy levels).  In his reply he stated how much he liked them along with question asking if I wanted to join DNET.  Later that week, I became DNET's newest level designer. As of now there are 3 level productions in which my levels will be in (I'm not at liberty to say what they are, until close to release time, which should be soon enough). I plan to continue designing Descent levels for awhile, especially with D3 coming out.

Jason "Delirium" Jouret
Level designer

Hey..I'm Jason! I'm 18 years old, living in Springfield Missouri, where I'm a freshman attending Southwest Missouri State University. I've been playing Descent and Descent2 for about 3 years....but only for about 1 ½ years intensely...I just got promoted to Demigod just a coupla days ago....woohoo! But I would've been promoted much earlier if I hadn't lost all my player data...DOH!!! I had over 1500 kills under that name...but anyway I use the nickname "rave" when I'm playing for good luck sorta........but anyway I had to start all over again, but now I've shot up through all the ranks in only about a month or two.. But when I had AOL I obviously did well because the lag was so bad on my end, around %60 or %70 most games, but when I got MSN my % really took a dive...I was around %38 for a while, but then I just got used to it..and I've raised my % about 20 points and it's still rising :) but anyway I'm slowly becoming better since I spend more time than I used to playing multiplayer...

I also love to build levels! I started making Pyrocide: the Series in November so that took much of my time...and after school gets out I'm gonna go back to work making cool levels!

Some of my other hobbies include sports like basketball and baseball...although I don't get to play much anymore since I graduated from High School. I also make webpages and have made 3 or 4 (and making more) for some coool friends of mine....I make all of my own art so I guess that art is another of my interests..hehe :) Besides D1 and D2 and I also like to play "red alert" just a tiny bit...

Nathan "Thin Man" Padgett"

3D artist

First, I go by the handle of 'Thinman'.  If I had the ability to scan a pic of my self, you would understand how I came up with that (bit of a story behind it too :) ).

Hobbies ... um ... well, as evident, I love to create computer images.  I'm not only doing the Descent objects because I think they look cool, but I guess I'm using them as a sort of training ground. You could say I'm an aspiring computer graphics artist.  I just haven't quite figured out how to break into the field yet (people keep telling me I need a portfolio, but not what goes in one). I'm around 5 to 5 1/2 (need to get those measurments ... might come in handy :) ), so I'm not exactly a tall man.  I'm very thin (actually scared my mom once :D). I'm 24 and still living at home, in Humble, Texas (this is a little to the north of Houston).

Other hobbies include hack writing (a sort of a simi-bad/good story based, check that ... CLOSELY based, on Descent).  have a couple others I'd like to write. Also thinking of using these models I've spent so much time with on a sort of on-line comic of the story I'm writing. And I'm very big on Science fiction.  Not necessarily good science fiction, just the stuff I know I like... :). Oh! And Babylon 5. Can't forget that.

Mike Menefee
Programmer, DDN Admin

Hmm… How to start this off.. Well, my name is Mike Menefee (MikeM) and I enjoy hacking (and playing, of course) Descent.

I got started with all this way back in the day when Descent 1 was the coolest thing on the block. I found a little program called DEVIL and a small group of people who just sat around and talked about it (aka the DDL). And the rest, as they say, is history. I went on to help hack the POF specs out, hacked out some info for myself (levels and such), and actually wrote an editing suite for D1, but never went public with it (too many bugs, too little time).

So, like everyone else I moved on to D2, and made a little program called HXMEdit for Luke Schneider to use on the first Entropy Experiment set. I never did get to complete it, as I had to leave town for about 2 weeks right as Luke finished the series, but maybe one day I’ll get to finish it (kudos to Garry Knudson for coming to the rescue and finishing that one out).

A little later, Heiko and I started the DDN because we felt that if we spread information into the Descent community, higher quality tools would be developed (that, and nuts like me who like sitting around with a hex editor would have somewhere to put the info). Now, D3 is here, and this time I’ve been talked into working with some other programmers on this hacking stuff. I will be releasing my first tool, HogView, soon, and have all sorts of schemes for kooler stuff when the final comes out…

As for my life outside the Descent world, I enjoy music, electronics work, N64, an occasional rocket launch, and just about anything related to programming. (and tomorrow watch CNN for the groundbreaking discovery that Mike actually does have a life :) I got started programming on an old Compaq computer (the original model!) in BASIC. Then it was on to VB in Windows 3.0, then C/C++ with the MS C/C++ developer’s kit (before VC++, mind you), and now I write mainly C++ w/ MFC for Win32. I also know a thing or two about Small Talk and can write some Intel x86 ASM or Motorola 68K if I need to. I have hacked a little bit on the best programmer’s calculator in the world, the TI92 (any calculator that plugs into my comp is cool in my book :), and thus the Intel and Motorola ASM knowledge. Just for everyone’s info, I have never had a formal programming class in my life, so forget what they tell you about learning stuff just in school.

As a final note, I also have my own domain name, One day I got bored, so I built a server, bought a cable modem, and got a domain name (see, never let Mike get bored... It can get dangerous). Check it out if you have time.

That said, I thank you for sticking with me this far (you really read all this??), and I’d like to thank Heiko, Stinger and Vyper for getting me in on this whole deal.

John "Silverthorn" Hanton
FreeSpace experimentations, Programmer

My name is John Hanton and I'm a youngish 37 year old who loves tinkering around with games...  I'm currently involved in modifying the table files and finding the limits for what FreeSpace can do.  I've got loads of time free due to being permanently on the sick caused a skydiving accident that left me disabled (I guess parachutes are best not wrapped round you when you need to slow down! <g>.

My hobbies are reading, reading, reading and playing on my computer.... Occasionally I get jobs sorting out peoples computers for them.  As I started back in 1978, I've got a reasonably strong background in computers. I've worked on Mainframes, Minis and Micro's - including work on a brand new machine back in the early 80's called the "IBM PC" <g>..... "It'll never catch on", I remember one of my bosses said...

zappafan.jpg (9289 bytes)
Jeff "ZappaFan" Guynn
DETLEF administrator

Greetings! What about me? Hmmmm... Some folks are familiar with my web site, ZappaFan's Descent 2 Hangout. I like researching add-on missions for Descent 2 and have been reviewing good ones on my site since June '97. There are a lot of good levels to be found!! (and many many bad ones to sift through to find them!) I have worked with Heiko on DETLEF32, just about the coolest utility to ever be made for Descent addicts like me, since the fall of '97. He did all the work and I got to be a beta tester, suggestion maker, and the first non-DNet level site! Now it is my honor and privilege to become a smart person by joining the DNet team as DETLEF Administrator. I am now the contact person for all bug reports, questions, problems, etc., for users and site administrators. I will also be publishing the brand new DETLEF News. Other web stuff I do: League Master for The Wildcards Descent 2 league, I am one of the judges in KoolBear's IDLC (D2 levels contest), and also Level Spotlight Forum moderator for the Descent Bulletin Board. I keep pretty busy.

I am a bald old fart as you can see. Bald is by my choice, and requested by my wife, Karen, who really likes it! :) I like it, too. People who see my picture or meet me think I look like a mad killer. I am actually quite the opposite, being very easy going and generally a nice guy to be around. My grandson Kaije (5) and granddaughter Araya (2) will back me up on that story!

By profession, I am an Electrical Engineer. I have done many things the past 19 years working for the same electronics manufacturer. Analog and digital circuit design, BASIC & Pascal programming, and some Project Management (too much paper work). I am currently programming the automatic machines that build the Surface Mount Device (SMD) circuit card assemblies that we manufacture. I really enjoy it.

I also enjoy my computer at home of course. I love to play Descent 1 and 2. They are about the only games I play very much at all. I also love most sports, music (especially blues), boating on the lake where I live, and model railroading for a hobby. I live in Cromwell, Indiana, USA.

Garry Knudson
FreeSpace experimentations, 3D Programmer

Me... Engineer, programmer, boomeranger :). Age: 37 / Family: wife and two kids.

I started a while back as an electronics technician. I had so much fun that I went and got the engineering degree. I am a hands on engineer working with hardware and software (microprocessor hw/sw design). The last job I had was site engineer for a computer lab, so I do have a broad background..:)

The first big program that I did for Descent was PMView. PMView was also my first Windows program, as well as being a refresher on programing in C. I think the end target I had at that time was to add custom shapes to Descent2. The first robot that I let be announced was the spherebot, it was a shape that didn't need any BSP data in order to display correctly. I am glad to say that robot building has come a long way from that point.

At this point I am finishing up fs-view, the next step is to generate the polymodel data in a format that can be used in freespace.

Hobbies: Throwing boomerangs (I haven't made any in about 3 years) and making stained glass windows.

small me.jpg (10128 bytes)
James "Kuman" Ku
3D artist

I'm a 19 year old student at Johns Hopkins Univeristy in Baltimore, MD. Right now, I am studying to be a surgeon, which means I am taking some pretty tough courses. Aside from playing Descent3, I study very very hard, work on 3D Studios Max, and hang out and party with my friends and my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

I have been playing Descent for about a year, and the thing that stands out the most about me is that I play completely with the keyboard. There are many pilots out there who are better than me who are joystick players, but you can be sure that I give them a run for the money. :)

I have been doing 3D modeling and animation for about 3 years now. I have worked for a design studio in Miami, called Miami Beach 3D Studio doing some freelance work for a South American computer company. And most recently I have been and will be doing work for the Univeristy of Miami Medical School. I model car accidents in 3D Studios and then export them to VRML to aid in the visualization of how damage is done to the human body in certain types of automobile crashes.

Aside from all that technical stuff, I enjoy reading, relaxing and listening to music, specifically Dream Theater and Bone Thugs N' Harmony.

Pierrejpg.jpg (6252 bytes)
Pierre "Tricord" De Landsheere
Manual/Help File writing

Hi, my name is Pierre De Landsheere.
I live in Belgium, which is not exactly the best place to live when you like to play Descent. From what I know, I'm the very only Descent player in the whole country, so no LAN-fests and no "country-mates" at all... And I'm sure you don't want to hear about Belgian ping times either :)

Nevertheless, I discovered Descent1 from the beginning and got hooked, later with Descent2. And after that I finally discovered the internet which lead me to the Descent community. Today I'm doing a lot of stuff which is Descent-related, in fact everyth
ing I do on my computer is Descent-related (talk about freakism :)

I got involved in Outrage's D3 level-builder project as a user manual writer and D3Edit homepage webmaster. But I thought that just a bunch of text regarding D3Edit wouldn't be enough, so I teached myself how to code and compile Windows Help files, and now my entire work has been included in the official D3Edit package as a WinHelp file.
Then I got to know Stinger from DNet. I've always wanted to program and he was more or less the only one supporting me and getting me going into programming. I've always thought that DNet was a good environment to learn programming, so I've always wanted to be a part of the prestigious DNet. But I had to have a purpose in the team : I got involved in writing the user manuals for upcoming DNet projects, and now I'm writing, coding and compiling Help-files for DNet. Stinger and I have both developed the Guide-bot help, which is now included in every new DNet program.
So while I make the help files for upcoming modules, I learn Visual C++ with support from the DNet programmers.



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