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Last Updated: 12/14/99

Date: January 17th to 19th, 1997; Place: Kaiserslautern

Descent Session 01/97 "DESCENT rulez!" in Kaiserslautern


The first day: January 17th, 1997

This was the first over-regional session and the first outside of Stuttgart. We arrived at 7:30 pm in Kaiserslautern. The following 6 hours Descent ruled and Tom & Andre from Kaiserslautern realized that Stuttgart played better than them.


The second day: January 18th, 1997

At 11:00 am Michael and Klaus from Saarbruecken arrived with two S3virge and their 3D VR-device equipment. Everybody was fascinated. Few time later the big session was started. Our favourite levels were the EON X made of Luke Schneider but also CRAZY X or our "Quickies Marke Descent" (*VERY* small levels for much battle fun) were played. Michael & Klaus agree with Tom & Andre that the Descent Network Team defeated all. (Iceman: "Deeeeees giiiiiiebt's doch goar nischt. Wo kommt denn deeeeer haaeeer? Den hab isch jo goar net g'saea.") In the evening Tom cooked a delicious meal (cheese soup). After about 10 hours of fighting Michael and Klaus left us because Klaus was ill. By the way he was the only one who played some time with the 3D glasses.


The last day: January 19th, 1997

After the last two days everybody was a little bit quiet. That's why we played smaller levels (Stadium, Xenia Series,...). At 4:00 pm the Descent Network Team left Kaiserslautern.

It was the best session ever since then: There were only Descent freaks and nobody talked about games like Quake. And we had also the ability to talk to other freaks and level creators. Sandra and Michael learned much from each other. Everyone waits for the next session...


Victory for Descent Network from Stuttgart!

This is what Michael send us after the session: He stands to his defeat and took it with fun. Hats down for such a cool guy; loosing a match (after having a bit to big mouth before the session ;-) ) and then take it with fun... Must be a real Descenter! Because in Descent the fun is much more important than the victory!


Pictures of the session


Descent rulez!

Andre "Han" is concentrated.

Renegade: "Are you filming?"...

..."Oh no!"

Boah, cool visions!

Heiko is convincing himself, too!

"Yes, Klaus, lets show them who rulez!"

Andre "Han" studying Klaus' flight art!

Everything a Descenter needs!

<no comment>

Commander Murdock in his...

...extra-comfortable seat!

The guys of Saarbruecken!

Sandra! Although she has a good joystick
(Gravis Phoenix) she uses keyboard!

Tom, the host, cooking his...

...genious cheese soup!

Michael, looking at his example!

Talking about the great day!

Murdock, a little bit tired now?

And Han also doesn't look very awaken?

But Renegade is still in full power, because...

... Descent rulez!

ksl023.jpg (30544 bytes)

The difference between us...

ksl024.jpg (33176 bytes)

There was no space in the car....

ksl025.jpg (22101 bytes)

Our "small" room with our computers...

ksl026.jpg (19978 bytes)

Renede tries the 3D glasses.



Descent Network from Stuttgart:

  • Heiko <HH-SOFT> Herrmann
  • Christian <MURDOCK> Scheibel
  • Sandra <KRUEMEL> Skarke
  • Matthias <RENEGADE> Scheibel

Descent Combat Crew from Saarbruecken:

  • Michael <CRUSADER> Hevemeyer
  • Klaus <ICEMAN> Ludwig

The home team and host:

  • Tom <MOZART> De Grave
  • Andre <HAN> ???


If you want to view more informations and pictures of this great session, you should go to Michael Hevemeyer's homepage!


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