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Last Updated: 12/14/99

Date: April 26th-27th, 1997; Place: at Heiko's home in Stuttgart-Feuerbach/Germany

Descent Session 04/97 "Fatal Descending?" in Stuttgart


Nice to see you again, Tom!

This session was first planned to be a primary-discussion-meeting for the DGN97, but after Michael Hevemeyer couldn't come, there was only a gaming session! Surprisingly Tom De Grave (from our first non-regional Descent Session 01/97 in Kaiserslautern) visited us...

Tom and Sandra played a little bit with Devil and started a new level. The rest of us played standard D2 levels as Eon X, Inferno, PPG Chaos and the newest from Dan Wentz: Dark Side of the Moon. Also we played about half an hour "Fatal Racing" (also by Interplay)... Again, Voodoo ruled on this session!

Tom stayed overnight and so this was a 2-days-session, which we played in HH's room (like Descent Session 03/97 "Da Reprise" in Stuttgart)...


  • Heiko <HH-Software Images> Herrmann
  • Christian <Murdock> Scheibel
  • Sandra <Kruemel> Skarke
  • Matthias <Renegade> Scheibel
  • Alex <Assassin> Staeuble
  • Tom <Mozart> De Grave
  • Kai <Tornado> Herrmann


Some pictures of the session:


Alex and Christian

Tom and Christian

HH-Soft in Win95? An exception!

Alex: "Muahahaha,a Kruemel!!"

Everybody Smile!

"Now, am I a beauty or not?"

Tom's face...

...and his feet (on his self-built pedal)


A short dialog from the session

Ein Dialog von der Session waehrend eines Team-Hoard-Spieles (sorry, it is not translatable to English):

  • Sandra: Also, abgemacht, ich tu immer die Orbs besorgen.
  • Heiko: Wem tust Du's besorgen?
  • Sandra: Den Orbs!
  • Tom: Also, ich weiss nicht, gibt des dann mehr Punkte?

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