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Last Updated: 12/14/99

Date: June 28th-29th, 1997; Place: at Heiko's home in Stuttgart-Feuerbach/Germany

Descent Session 06/97 "Planning da DGN '97" in Stuttgart


DGN '97 and playing....

The main reason for the session was to talk about the DGN '97. But of course we also played some cool levels in Descent 2, e.g. PTMC Park, Midgard Collection, Sparhawk Collection, Pandemonium,...! The best was the dogfight HH vs Crusader in Crazy X 2 - it was exciting till the last moment - every few minutes the favorit was changing - but then HH won the match by a narrow margin of 15:13...

On Sunday evening there were only three players left: Kruemel, HH-Soft and Phoenics. We played then the Tiny Collection by Kruemel. These are really good levels for 2-3 players...

We meet some new faces on this session: Bastard and Phoenics the first time. BMode played also... but she must still practise. Now look at the photos below and get an impression of how the session was... (There is no pic of HH this time, as he was the filmer most of the time and as Kruemel filmed, well, she filmed again the light (hehe, she must practise...)...


Some pictures of the session:

Bastard musste Michaels 3D-Brille auch gleich mal testen... Harald learns to fly without a Pyro-GX: drinking a Red Bull Thumbs up... Murdock getting to his Wingman Bastard... a real bastard... Crusader, at the moment tinkering at his computer... Murdock, showing our team drink... MEZZO MIX rulez!!! Kruemel... in thinking position... Kruemel... in posing position... Kruemel... in lauging position... Kruemel... laughing while eating is not very pratical... Wild_1 blinking with his eyes... Descent in action After long time we could persuade BMode (former Betty/Mister_X) to play some Descent BMode - a model? BMode - a model! Kruemel - a model? Kruemel - no model! Phoenics gave us a short visit...


  • Heiko <HH-Software Images> Herrmann
  • Christian <Murdock> Scheibel
  • Sandra <Kruemel> Skarke
  • Michael <Crusader> Hevemeyer
  • Harald <Wild_1> Königsperger (Only Saturday)
  • Wolfgang <Bastard> (Only Saturday)
  • Bettina <BMode> Skarke (Only Sunday)
  • Christoph <Phoenics> (Only Sunday)

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