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Last Updated: 12/14/99


Date: 03/28/97 Place: at Heiko's home in Stuttgart-Feuerbach/Germany

Descent Session 03/97 "Da Reprise" in Stuttgart


The reprise of the big session the week before...
  • ENGLISH: As the Descent Session in Stuttgart was so popular we decided to make a second "little" session (only 8 players). It took place at 03/28/97. 7 Players came from Stuttgart and one (Harald Koenigsperger) from Kaufbeuren.

  • DEUTSCH: Da die Descent Session in Stuttart so großen Andrang gefunden hatte, hatten wir beschlossen, eine zweite "kleinere" Session zu machen (nur 8 Spieler). Sie fand am 28.03.97 statt. 7 Spieler kamen aus Stuttgart und Umgebung, einer (Harald Königsperger) aus Kaufbeuren.




Murdock and Bettina (sister of Kruemel)

HH-Software Images

Kruemel and Renegade

Kai (10 years), the brother of HH-Soft

Assassin and Harald Koenigsperger...

...known as Wild_1

Christian "Murdock"...

...and his brother Matze "Renegade"

Thanks to Harald Koenigsperger for the genius Descent stickers!!


The competitors

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