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The Entropy Experiment

by Luke Schneider


Last Updated: 03/31/99

The Entropy Experiment is an attempt at making the best user-created level series ever for Descent II.  The Vertigo Series by Parallax was great, but the story was weak, the levels were repetitious, and it wasn't free.  These levels hopefully address all of those issues while still having the highest quality possible.



The Story

Velocity 7, this is PTMC Outer Rim High Commander Kilroth, prepare for a priority transmission on encoded channel Y8U217...

As you may or may not be aware of, PTMC is still in the search and destroy phase of Operation Extermination. We are attempting to locate and eliminate any and all remaining robot-controlled space stations and mining colonies. This phase is not proceeding as smoothly as planned, but we have something which may expedite the process.

We are in the testing phase of a new computer virus. This virus can be transmitted on radio frequencies and encoded as an old PTMC directive. Although the rebel robots have been ignoring the commands for a number of months, we know that they are still running the commands and simply discarding the results.

The original AI programmers claim to have a method of circumventing this process and this virus is the result of their work. Known only as the Entropy virus, it should infect the core of each robot's AI unit and disable the robot by overloading its circuits.

The only hitch is that we haven't had a chance to experiment on any real malfunctioning robots. We have chosen a target for experimentation, and will be transmitting the virus shortly.

Your mission is to verify that the virus succeeds. Then destroy any remaining power sources and get the hell out. If all goes well you job should be easy, but we've prepared a preliminary report on your destination just in case.

Good luck Velocity 7,
Kilroth out.


The Levels

Here is yet more information on the levels themselves.  The actual goals of the missions are different from the usual "find the keys, destroy the reactor" so be sure to pay attention to the briefings or the mission sections below. 

preview.jpg (3296 bytes)


The goal is to find and destroy all five reactors and cut off their power source. The player must shoot at least four different switches in order to finally reach the reactor room, and then each of the four mini-reactors has a switch which must be destroyed as well.

preview.gif (12446 bytes) PCF Millenium

The player must rescue at least four of the eighteen hostages, but only eight of them actually trigger anything.  So unless the player dissects the level or is very tenacious, it's best for him to rescue all eighteen hostages and then destroy the control panels in the large central room. After retrieving the red key, the player must kill the supervisor, which will trigger the level to self-destruct.

preview.gif (12348 bytes) Warp Distortion

The player must either fight through the level and acquire the red key before destroying the reactor, or he may attempt to locate at least four guided missiles.  With those missiles he should destroy the control panels at the far end of the level after shooting the main control panel through two grates.   Having destroyed the four switches, the player may take an alternate route to the reactor in order to destroy it and escape through an alternate exit. The player must also acquire the key in this path as well.

preview.jpg (4480 bytes) Dissention IV

The player must eliminate the three mini-bosses and acquire a key from each. Then destroy the three control panels near the beginning of the level. This will allow him to access the main boss room, where the player is sure to face his toughest challenge yet.

preview.jpg (4264 bytes)

Secret Level: XS0288

The information requested does not exist.


The Features

The Entropy Experiment has features which make it one of the most exhilirating Descent 2 experiences ever. These include:


The Soundtrack

The custom music contained in the Entropy Experiment was composed by Luke Schneider using Cakewalk Apprentice.  All four tracks were originally written on a Sound Blaster 32 with the Emu 8MB GM sample set, but were converted to play well on a Roland SCD-15. The MIDI tracks will only play if you disable CD music in Descent 2 AND if you have a wavetable soundcard. FM soundcards will hear no change in music (except when playing the Win95 version of Descent 2).

DTX 2 Beta 4 was used in the conversion from .MID files to .HMP files. 


The Download

Descent 2 V1.2 is required for proper play of the Entropy Experiment. If you have V1.0 or V1.1 please update to V1.2 first. If you only own Descent 2 Destination Quartzon or the Descent 2 Interactive Demo, simply forget it: these versions are not compatible to Entropy Experiment!

This is the improved V1.01 version of Entropy Experiment! News since V1.0 include corrections of misspellings in the briefings and credits screens and full author informations. However, V1.01 stays fully compatible in multiplayer games with the V1.0 version from Luke Schneider's page and can be mixed with this... The changes were done by Heiko Herrmann with explicit permission of Luke Schneider.

Notes for Macintosh users: Entropy Experiment plays fine on Descent 2 V1.2 for Macintosh. However you need the Mac unRAR utility to extract the PC EXE file. Get it here.

sign_download.gif (151 bytes) Download Entropy Experiment level set V1.01 10/01/97 (728 kB)


Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions about the Entropy Experiment. Once again I'd like to thank everyone, and I hope you enjoy playing the Entropy Experiment as much as I've enjoyed making it.


And after you finished the Entropy Experiment be sure to check out the even better sequel: Entropy 2 - The Vengeance!


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Entropy Experiment - A Descent 2 Level Series / Producer and Creator: Luke Schneider (Level Design, MIDI Composition, Custom Robot Design, Briefing Background Rendering, Briefing and Story Writing) / Major Assistance from Matt Legowski (Original Concept and Design, Original Custom Textures, Creative Input, Beta Testing), Mike Menefee (Creative Input, Beta Robot Editor, Beta Testing), Nathan Taylor (Beta Testing), Bradley Schneider (Beta Testing) / V1.01 design and production by Heiko Herrmann / Special Thanks to John M. Aldrich, Garry Knudson / The Program Authors: Achim Stremplat, Bryan Aamot, Mike Menefee, John M. Aldrich, Stefan Nilsson, Jeff Ferguson / Also Thanks to Jeff Mendoza, John M. Clancy, Kevin Murphy, Mayuko Hyuga, Jason Gimba, Dan Wentz, Heiko Herrmann, Neil and Brian, Parallax Software / Visit the Lukital page at / This page was made by Heiko Herrmann for Luke Schneider

LEGAL INFORMATION: Please distribute the mission archive as is. Do not disassemble the HOG file except for your own personal use. You may not use any part of the included files without the written consent of Luke Schneider.  All music is copyright 1997 Luke Schneider. Luke Schneider is in no way affiliated with Parallax Software or Interplay Productions.