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Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Welcome to the world of Descent - the amazing experience of 360 fluid 3D motion that is still unmatched. Plunge through mines that defy physics, blast your way past enemy robots, and experience vertigo like never before. Arm yourself with deadly weapons and confront creatures with highly advanced artificial intelligence; they will plot, wait, and ambush you from all sides. Don't keep this feeling of nausea to yourself, go Head-to-Head with 2-player modem support or 8-player network and Tournament Mode. Brace yourself for Descent I & II: The Definitive Collection... if you can handle it.


What do you get?

Here is a list of what you get with this collection (click on a box or a header to get more infos):

cover_d1.gif (8078 bytes) Descent 1

Spin 360 through 30 twisting levels of mechanical monsters, deadly traps and hidden tunnels. Explosive 3D, multi-directional sound effects and pulsing musical score will keep you on the edge of your seat.

cover_d2.gif (8178 bytes) Descent 2

Take the sensory insanity to the next step with the accelerated 3D version for Windows 95. Plunge down 30 levels as you battle highly intelligent robot enemies including the evil Thief Bot. 8-player network with real-time camera lets you set up surveillance spy-cams. Get them before they get you! Includes the Vertigo Series of 20 levels through Sewers, Rat Maxes and Cell Farms.

cover_lotw.gif (11214 bytes) Levels of the World

Over 100 unbelievable levels! Designed by players from around the world, these are the most devious, twisted, authorized Descent levels ever created. Then dive headlong into more equilibrium-trashing Descent levels designed by Parallax.

cover_vertigo.gif (7695 bytes) Vertigo Series

The add-on pack for Descent 2 features 20 (+3 secret) new levels as well as 12 new robots. And for the multiplayer freaks you get 2 more multiplayer modes (Hoard and Team-Hoard) that define a complete new way to play Descent.

cover_dmb.gif (8625 bytes) Descent Mission Builder 2

Create your own harrowing levels with the easy to use Mission Builder utility. Convert your favorite Descent I levels to Descent II levels and vice versa. Customize the enemy robots with any textures you can imagine.


Shareware Versions

To preview what you'll get you can download the fully playable shareware/interactive demo versions of both Descent 1 and 2:

Or you can download the non-interactive trailers/movies here...

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