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Since years now the questions after Descent 3 accumulate. So here we want to collect everything that is known from Descent 3 now.


Want some technical background from the Descent 3 development? Jason Leighton, programmer at Outrage Entertainment has put up some kind of developer diary, which might be interesting for you to look :). Go to his page here.

Want some new screenshots? We made some while we were in Ann Arbor at the Outrage office. Check them out here. There is also an AVI video for download which shows you D3 in action as shown on the E3.

Much more information collected at one place can be found at the Descent 3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here.



Here are the most frequently asked questions in the newsgroups:

Many other questions can be answered, at least temporary, looking at the articles below.



The following D3-related Articles are available in the Descent Network Archives:

Also here the RealAudio interview from!



Here are some early preview pictures of Descent 3:

d3_char.gif (7519 bytes) This is an early test rendering of a new character, Dr. Katelyn Harper. - 05/06/97
d3_robot.jpg (124464 bytes) A Descent 3 robot gets angry. - 05/06/97
d3_menu.gif (153924 bytes) !FAKE! This picture showing the main menu was posted to alt.binaries.descent by an unknown and is a fake, but a good-looking one :). - 05/11/97
defcoll1.jpg (93677 bytes) Somebody wants inside that ship. - 11/26/97
defcoll2.jpg (69774 bytes) The Material Defender is surely doomed! - 11/26/97
defcoll3.jpg (33202 bytes) The "new" Full-Map powerup. - 11/26/97
defcoll4.jpg (99286 bytes) The newly remodeled Plasma Cannon. - 11/26/97
defcoll5.jpg (20239 bytes) A true polygonal model of the shield orb with lighting. - 11/26/97
defcoll6.jpg (74245 bytes) A finished model of the Super Laser. - 11/26/97
outrage_shots_01.gif (137032 bytes) The Turbine Room. - 12/02/97
outrage_shots_02.gif (111259 bytes) Shooting flares down the hall. - 12/02/97
pyro_ebola.gif (240730 bytes) Pyro-GX. - 02/19/98
1big.gif (56846 bytes) Descent 3 goes outdoors... Pic #1 - 04/09/98
2big.gif (45364 bytes) Descent 3 goes outdoors... Pic #2 - 04/09/98
3big.gif (51107 bytes) Descent 3 goes outdoors... Pic #3 - 04/09/98
4big.gif (58953 bytes) Descent 3 goes outdoors... Pic #4 - 04/09/98


New Pictures taken from the interview with Matt Toschlog:

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page2shot1.jpg (24887 bytes) Of course, state-of-the-art lighting effects are part of the equation in Descent III.
That's right--players are not limited to dark and dank mines in Descent III. Welcome to the great outdoors.
Learning the ins and outs of each Descent III level is part of the challenge.
Thanks to Outrage's new scripting language, Descent III offers much more complex interactions between the player and the environment. Watch out for that gravity well.
Outrage says it's adding several new bots that, like the Thief and Guide bots, have their own identities.
When out in the open, players will encounter rain, wind, fire, and other environmental hazards.
Outrage has developed a totally new 3D engine for Descent III. Expect native support for the market's best 3D chips and cards.
Descent III's story is integrated right into the action. Expect the plot to develop level by level.
Descent III differs from its predecessors in that each level has its own personality. Levels are modeled after military bases, office complexes, industrial sites, and more.
For the first time, you will have more than one ship. As the game progresses, you'll obtain three ships; then choose which one you want to use for individuals missions.
As you progress from the planet's hostile surface to its inner depths, prepare to accomplish multiple mission objectives.
Of course, it's still a good idea to have some Dramamine on hand during Descent III rounds.
Beyond multiplayer games, such as Anarchy, Capture the Flag, and Hoard, Outrage says Descent III will also feature a few new multiplayer inventions.
Outrage is launching its own Internet multiplayer service for Descent III, where you'll find players, stats, news, and more.
When does it come out? Well, there's a chance Descent III won't arrive till next year!