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Last Updated: 03/31/99 

No Walls. No Limits. No Time To lose. From the creators of Descent comes a new chapter in space combat. This time you are not going down. This time you are going out...


Volition Inc., an affiliate of Parallax Software just released "Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War" (former code name was just "FreeSpace"), a game with a long name that breaks from the Descent tradition, as it takes place in the perilous depths of deep space.

Please keep in mind that Descent: FreeSpace is NOT Descent 3! It is a parallel production by one half of Parallax Software (the other half - called Outrage Entertainment - is working on the real Descent 3 at the moment, which will be out end of 1998).

Your Terran unit of the space armada is once again called to action as the last, best hope of mankind. Strap into your space fighter, check your weapon load-out, and kiss the wife good-bye, because you may not return from the reaches of FreeSpace.


Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War promises a detailed and dynamic universe, taking space combat sims to new levels of action and realism.

Outfit your forces with a vast array of ships and advanced weaponry and engage in heart-punding dogfights around massive capital ships and installations. Command wings of fighters and bombers in a desperate war against a new and vicious enemy. An intuitive in-game messaging system allows you to command intelligent wingmen, redirect orders, and request reinforcements.

Other key features include intricately-detailed ships, realistic physics, rich and flexible missions, action-driven music, and an integrated story with a branching plotline.

Multiplayer support is planned for up to 16 players via IPX, TCP/IP as well as free internet play.


"If any of you are thinking about breaking up with your girlfriends, April of '98 might be a good time to do it." (Dan Wentz, Volition Inc., musician)




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freespace.gif (7969 bytes)Here are some of the features of the 3D-shooter:


News and Stuff section

Pictures: We have about 90 Screenshots showing the great graphic engine!

Articles: Reviews and press releases!

Non-Interactive Trailer: A short but good trailer! Worth the download!


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Don't miss CNET Radio's Gamecenter interview with Adam Pletcher, lead artist for Descent: FreeSpace, and Mike Kulas, president of Volition Inc. (About 15 minutes, 01/23/98)




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