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These were released by Volition Inc. on 01/15/98:

a01.jpg A renegade Terran pilot tries to escape.
a02.jpg A Vasudan Bomber makes a close pass.
a03.jpg A Terran Command Cruiser fends off an attack.
a04.jpg A wing of Shivan fighters engage the player.
a05.jpg A Shivan Cruiser buys the farm.
a06.jpg The Shivan Command Cruiser Teranis.
a07.jpg A Terran Transport fends off a Vasudan attack.
a08.jpg A Terran Fighter guards a Transport.
a09.jpg A Terran Cruiser defends itself.
a10.jpg Player in pursuit of a renegade Vasudan Fighter.
a11.jpg A Terran Heavy Freighter.
a12.jpg Terrans assault the Shivan Cruiser Taranis.
a13.jpg A Vasudan Cruiser makes an exchange with the Terrans.
a14.jpg Vasudan allies engage some Shivan fighters.
a15.jpg A lone Terran Fighter.
a16.jpg Close call with a Terran Heavy Fighter.
a17.jpg A fellow Terran pilot loses his life.
a18.jpg Two Terran transports dock while a fighter stands watch.
a19.jpg A Terran fighter escorts a Command Cruiser to safety.
a20.jpg A Terran Heavy Bomber prepares for battle.
a21.jpg Terrans fail to protect this Vasudan transport.
a22.jpg Terran Freighters prepare to leave with their payloads.
a23.jpg Two docked Terran Transports enter subspace.

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