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These shots were taken from the review by (01/23/98):

gc00.jpg (21993 bytes) Sit down, Star Wars Star Destroyer. The Juggernath is something meatier!
gc10.jpg (16981 bytes) <GameCenter posted no comments on this one>
gc11.jpg (23805 bytes) Oh my god--it's a flying AT-AT! Descent FreeSpace features some gigantic ships, all of which boast incredibly detailed textures and graphics.
gc12.jpg (20784 bytes) Descent FreeSpace's crisp Heads-Up Display provides plenty of combat information at your fingertips.
gc21.jpg (13692 bytes) When you face these gigantic ships in combat, you can target individual components such as cannons, wings, or your Aunt Ethel.
gc22.jpg (19489 bytes) Space combat can be hotter than a late-afternoon Oval Office visit in this new Descent title.
gc23.jpg (19105 bytes) Check out the shifting stars, one of the nice touches that make Descent's action feel more intense than most sci-fi sims.

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