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Last Updated: 03/31/99 

Descent II sent you over the edge into 360 pounding sensory insanity. Now Descent II: The Infinite Abyss intensifies the insanity, launching you on a headlong plunge into mind-bending 3D destruction. The best action game gets even faster with the new accelerated S3 ViRGE video chipset DOS version. The new Vertigo Series introduces 22 new levels through sewers, rat mazes, and cell farms filled with all new robots, new movies, and new music. Descent addicts can create their own harrowing levels with the easy to use Mission Builder II. Then convert your newly designed levels to play in the original Descent for hours of additional mayhem. This time, you're going ALL the way down.



Descent II: The Infinite Abyss includes:


Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the game (click on the picture for a larger version):

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